Course and Curriculum Management

UMass Course and Curriculum Management System

Follow the link above to log into the online Curriculum Management System in order to submit materials for approval or review proposals assigned to you.

The Faculty Senate reviews all matters pertaining to academic affairs at UMass Amherst. All new courses (whether permanent or experimental), academic degree programs (majors), certificates, concentrations, minors, accelerated masters programs, joint academic degree programs, dual masters program, or international program, as well as any revision to any of these entities, must be reviewed and approved by the Faculty Senate before being implemented. As noted below, letters of specialization do not need to be submitted for Faculty Senate review through the online system.

Information on various proposal types and workflows, as well as information on rules, requirements, and regulations that you may need to know about before submitting a proposal, can be found on the Faculty Senate Proposal Information page.

Detailed Approval Procedures and General Guide to the CCMS

*Letters of Specialization do not require Faculty Senate approval

Definitions and Guidelines: