• Academic regulations policies provide UMass Amherst faculty and students with guidelines about academic enrollment, goals, and progress; operational procedures such as attendance and major changes; the academic grievance procedure; and more. These policies are for the benefit of the university and that of external audiences, such as accrediting agencies, professional bodies, and society in general.
  • Academic program policies help the university to clearly define the parameters of degree programs, concentrations, minors, and more. They also set forth the processes for the approval of new programs or changes to existing ones.
  • Policies around courses help the University to better provide clear definitions around types of courses; benchmark enrollment guidelines; provide strategies for faculty on optimal course procedures, such as syllabi and grading criteria; and more. They also set forth the approval process for new courses.
  • Policies around organizational units help to clearly define the differences between and operation of centers and institutes, as well as the definitions and approval, change, and termination processes for departments, academic programs, and schools within a college.
  • The academic leadership appointment policies provide guidance for the search, evaluation, and appointment of academic leadership roles, such as deans, academic department chairs and heads, and academic program directors.
  • The campus conduct policies give guidance to the UMass Amherst community about expectations around behavior to provide a safe, inclusive place for all. Topics include tobacco use; pets and animals; picketing and demonstrations; and more.
  • The faculty and research policies provide guidance for UMass Amherst community members on topics such as scholarly authorship, postdoctoral appointments, research data management, safety protocols, and more.
  • The policies under this page are closely related to Academic Regulations but do not fall under that specific category. They still continue to be valid Faculty Senate policies. 

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