General Faculty Meeting - Summary
[Held on 05/20/24, Student Union Ballroom, 1:00 PM]

The General Faculty present at the meeting adopted a motion brought forth by a petition of more than 10% of faculty and librarians, therefore voting no confidence in Chancellor Reyes. 

The final vote was:

473 yes

332 no

20 abstentions

The adopted motion reads as follows:

WHEREAS, Chancellor Reyes created an unsafe environment at UMass Amherst by summoning a militarized police force to our campus on May 7; and

WHEREAS, Chancellor Reyes's response to the events of May 7 betrayed core values of our UMass community; and

WHEREAS, Chancellor Reyes, in every forum since May 7, has refused responsibility for the harm done to our community; and

WHEREAS, the undergraduate and graduate student communities have already passed resolutions of no confidence in Chancellor Reyes;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the faculty and librarians of UMass Amherst vote no confidence in Chancellor Reyes.

The Senate Office is especially grateful for the assistance of Alison Messier, Jessica Johnson, Michelle Trim, and Ruth-Ellen Verock-O'Loughlin, as well as other members of the Rules Committee, for their assistance during the meeting.