International Studies Council Membership

Chair: Bogdan Prokopovych (

Members (Name, Department, Term Expiration):

College of Engineering:

College of Humanities and Fine Arts:
Simon Oswald (Classics), 2022 F
David Rodriguez-Solas (Languages, Literatures and Cultures), 2021 S
Richard Chu (History), 2023 S
Stephen Forrest (Languages, Literatures and Cultures), 2021 S

College of Natural Sciences:
Tristram Seidler (Biology), 2023 S
Irene Dujovne (Psychics), 2023 S

Elsa Petit (Agriculture),  2023 S

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences:
Elizabeth Brabec (LARP), 2021 S

Isenberg School of Management:
Bogdan Prokopovych, Chair (Management), 2021 S

College of Education:

College of Nursing:
Emma Dundon (Nursing), 2020 F

College of Information and Computer Sciences:

School of Public Health and Health Sciences:
Krishna Poudel (Public Health), 2022 S

Sarah Fitzgerald (Library), 2022 F

Area Studies Programs:
Madalina Akli (Commonwealth Honors College), 2022 S

Center for International Education:
Ian Barron

Director of International Programs or designee (E):
Kalpen Trivedi

Director of Education Abroad:
Mark Eckman

Director of Short Term Faculty Programs or designee (E):


Vice Provost for Continuing and Professional Education or designee (E):
Irena Bozin

International Student Advisor or designee (E):
Kenneth Reade

Dean of the Graduate School or designee (E):
Barbara Krauthamer

Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement or designee (E):
Martina Nieswandt

Five Colleges Executive Director or designee (E):
Janna White

Secretary of the Faculty Senate or designee (E):
MJ Peterson

One Graduate Student:
Sohini Banerjee

One Undergraduate Student:
Sara McKenna