Health Council

Chair: Tobias Baskin (




The Health Council will meet on the following dates during the 2019-2020 academic year:

Fall Semester
September 27
October 25
November 22
December 13

Spring Semester
January 31
February 21 CANCELLED
March 27
April 24

All meetings will begin at 12:00 p.m. and take place in Arnold House, Room 15


The Health Council shall:

  1. Propose processes and/or vehicles appropriate for health program evaluation and review program evaluations as they are completed;
  2. Advise on the operation of existing health and health education programs;
  3. Recommend policies concerning the health needs of the campus community; and
  4. Advise campus administrators on the operation of health-related programs, reporting its advice to the Faculty Senate, the Graduate Student Senate and the Student Government Association.

Its membership shall be:

  1. Nine Faculty Members or Librarians selected at large;
  2. Four Professional (exempt) Staff (one to be selected by the Professional Staff Union, if available;
  3. The Director of the Center for Health Promotion, serving ex officio;
  4. The Executive Director of the University Health Services, serving ex officio;
  5. The Director of the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health, serving ex officio;
  6. The Director of Environmental Health and Safety, serving ex officio;
  7. The Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or a designee, serving ex officio;
  8. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life or a designee, serving ex officio;
  9. The Secretary of the Faculty Senate or a designee, serving ex officio, non-voting;
  10. Four Classified (non-exempt) Staff (one to be selected by the University Staff Association, if available; one to be selected by AFSCME Local 1776, if available;
  11. Two Graduate Students selected by the Graduate Student Senate; and
  12. Up to seven Undergraduate Students selected by the Student Government Association.

From Chapter 5 Section 10 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws.