Graduate Council

Chair: Sarah Poissant (




The Graduate Council will meet on the following dates during the 2020-2021 academic year:

Fall Semester (held via Zoom)
September 9
October 14
November 11
December 9

Spring Semester (location TBA)
February 10
March 10
April 14

Meetings will be held from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM in the location noted. To attend meetings being held via Zoom, please contact the Council chair for a link to the meeting.


The Graduate Council shall:

  1. Provide advice to the Dean of the Graduate School on all matters relating to the administration of the Graduate Program on the campus;
  2. Develop policy recommendations on all matters relating to graduate studies within the University, including (i) the standards governing the establishment, modification and termination of all graduate programs including cooperative graduate programs with other colleges and universities and joint programs in the University of Massachusetts system; (ii) the standards governing graduate student admission, financial aid, and graduation; (iii) the qualifications required for membership on the graduate faculty and participation in the Graduate Program including the direction of theses and dissertations; (iv) the development of a system designed to resolve such differences as may arise between graduate students and members of the faculty; and
  3. Send minutes of its meetings to principal administrative officers and to all academic deans as well as to those listed in 4-2-1.

Its membership shall be:

  1. Fifteen Graduate Faculty Members, with at least one from each School/College headed by a Dean and two Librarians;
  2. The Director of Five Colleges, Incorporated or a designee, serving ex officio;
  3. One Graduate Faculty Member from the Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell or Worcester campuses, chosen from among or designated by the membership of the Intercampus Faculty Council;
  4. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life or a designee, serving ex officio;
  5. The Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement or a designee, serving ex officio;
  6. The Dean of the Graduate School, serving ex officio;
  7. The Chairperson of the Research Council or a designee, serving ex officio;
  8. The Chairperson of the Academic Matters Council or a designee, serving ex officio;
  9. The Provost or a designee, serving ex officio;
  10. The Secretary of the Faculty Senate or a designee, serving ex officio, non-voting;
  11. The President of the Graduate Student Senate or a designee, serving ex officio;
  12. Four Matriculating Graduate Students chosen by the Graduate Student Senate; and
  13. A Dean from the Schools and Colleges of the University selected by the Dean’s Council.

From Chapter 5 Section 9 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws.