The Shorelight Program Advisory Committee

The Shorelight Program will be a significant undertaking in which the campus will combine on- campus and online learning in a new way involving graduate students from other countries who will begin study for their respective Master’s Degrees during a summer on campus and then complete their studies online from their home cities. As this is a new venture for both the University and Shorelight Education, the Administration and the Faculty Senate agree on the need to create a mechanism for continuing consultation as the Program is finalized and begins operation. 


Founding Document: 

Ad Hoc Committee Documents: 


The Shorelight Program Advisory Committee will provide ongoing advice on the Shorelight program as it continues to develop. It will meet from time to time, at the request of either of the co-chairs, whenever questions or concerns arise about the implementation of this program.


The Committee will be active for an initial period of two years, and will continue thereafter if the co- chairs agree that it continues to be useful.