Joint Task Force on Student Success Learning Outcomes (JTFSSLO)

Co-Chairs: Carol Barr (, Claire Hamilton (



Founding Document: 



The Joint Task Force for Student Success Learning Outcomes will develop a common set of terms for the elements of its work permitting development of a collective understanding of assessment that bridges the multiple lexicons that have developed in different disciplines, and administrative units, as well as among our diverse stakeholders.

The JTFSSLO will then identify campus-wide learning goals (tentatively called “objectives”) at the undergraduate level. These UMass Amherst Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) will indicate to our students, faculty, and community at large what we value as an institution in preparing our students for their personal and professional lives.

The JTFSSLO will also examine the student assessment activities that are currently in place, and make recommendations on additional assessment needs. This will assist in moving the campus to a more intentional approach to the collection of evidence in the assessment of the undergraduate student learning experience being provided consistent with ongoing national and state dialogues.

The JTFSSLO will define and identify how various curricular and co-curricular activities are supportive of and contribute to desired learning outcomes. The curricular discussions should build on the General Education curriculum.