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The University may identify activities that the Registrar is authorized to take into account when assigning registration appointment times for undergraduate students. If such activities may reasonably create conflicts with regularly scheduled courses, affected students may be considered for an advanced registration appointment. Activities meeting the following conditions may be approved for eligibility by the Provost after consultation with the Faculty Senate: 

  1. The activities must involve the participation of a broad class of students (vs. individual students). 
  2. The activity must be University-sponsored or University-approved. 
  3. If the activity involves time constraints (e.g., athletic team practice times) that decrease the flexibility of opportunities or open time frames for courses for the students, these constraints should be defined. 

Any University department or program may request that a specific activity be made eligible for advanced student registration. Requests must indicate the class and number of students affected and the specific activity conflict for which accommodation is requested, defined as narrowly as possible (e.g., “seniors with activity X in the spring semester,” vs. “all students participating in activity X”). The Registrar will establish timelines for the consideration of requests for fall and spring semesters, including deadlines for receipt of requests. 

The Registrar will make the final decision regarding the nature and duration of modifications. Before implementing approved requests, the Registrar shall consider impacts on staff, technology (SPIRE system), and scheduling for other students.

Source: Sen. Doc. No. 09-029