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Requests to form a School must include the following components:

  1. The proposed name of the School and a list of the participating units.
  2. A rationale based on the desirability of establishing a particular identity and its potential impact on recruitment of students or faculty, public relations, development, research, instruction, outreach, or any other goals or activities of the participating unit(s). Precedents at other universities of comparable stature may also be noted.
  3. In the case of multi-unit Schools, an agreement that specifies how the Director will be selected and any cooperative relationships.
  4. Evidence of support from the faculty of the participating unit(s) and any other major stakeholders.
  5. Signature approval by the Dean of the College in which the School will be organized. If any participating Departments or Programs report to other Deans, the signatures of those Deans are required as well.
  6. Signature approval of the Heads or Chairs of all participating Academic Departments and the Directors of all participating Academic Programs. These requests will be reviewed by the Academic Priorities Council. Consultation with the Provost before initiation of the formal process is strongly recommended.  

Source: Sen. Doc. 12-021A