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  1. Students must declare a primary major (one that leads to degree completion) no later than the registration period during their third full-time term, after two graded full-time fall or spring semesters, at UMass Amherst. Their Academic Dean may approve an exception for extenuating circumstances, to allow additional time to declare the major. 
  2. The same policy, to declare a major, applies to transfer students approved to enroll in an Exploratory Track. 
  3. This policy must be prominently displayed in the academic regulations, college handbooks, and the Academics and college student-related web pages, together with reminders that the university requires successful academic progress in the major and compliance with the university’s rule to graduate in 10 semesters or fewer (see the 10 Semester Rule in the Academic Regulations). The Bursar’s Office must also ensure through its website or other appropriate notification that students know school/college fees already assessed for that semester are not refundable when they change major after the end of the enrollment add/drop period.

Source: Sen. Doc. No. 17-021A