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Approval of Academic Degree Programs

Concentrations (Tracks, Options)



Letters of Specialization

  1. Letters of Specialization are issued only by academic departments or programs (administrative units administering an academic degree program that are not separate departments). 
  2. They are approved by the Department Curriculum Committee or other appropriate departmental committee and the Department Head or Chair. When a proposed Letter of Specialization will be issued in an interdepartmental major, approval of the curriculum committees and Chairs or Heads of all involved departments is required. 
  3. Approval beyond the department is not required, but the Dean of the College, the Secretary of the Faculty Senate, and the Provost must be notified of the intention to offer a Letter of Specialization. 
  4. Letters of Specialization are not recorded on students' transcripts. Letters may be signed by Department Heads or Chairs (or designees) and students may choose to include Letters in their placement files.

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