The Academic Honesty Office is responsible for maintaining records, advising all concerned parties about their rights and responsibilities under this procedure, and convening hearing panels. As process manager, the Office has the discretion to extend timelines; if warranted, the Office may contract timelines (with the agreement of the parties) during sessions outside the regular academic year. The Academic Honesty Office shall maintain records of all allegations that come to its attention, and of all hearing panel proceedings in accordance with University record retention polices. 

There shall be an Academic Honesty Board comprised of a minimum of twelve members of the faculty, six undergraduate students, and six graduate students.

Instructor appointments shall be made by the Faculty Senate and shall include at least one faculty member from each school or college. Student appointments shall be made by the respective governance bodies, with representation from diverse academic areas. Each appointment shall be for a term of three years. To ensure due process, if a sufficient number of timely appointments are not made by the respective governance bodies, such appointments may be made by the Academic Honesty Office (in consultation with the appropriate governance body where possible). Members of the Board will serve on hearing panels as described below.

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