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Arbitrators award Longmeadow $4.425 million from MGM Springfield

Arbitrators recently awarded the town of Longmeadow $4.425 million in compensation for its surrounding community status. The decision will consist of payments from MGM Springfield of $850,000 up front, followed by 13 annual payments of $275,000, according to the Springfield Republican. Read more here.

Commission denies MGM Springfield request to delay awarding casino license

Despite requests from MGM Springfield, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) is still planning on awarding the casino license for western Massachusetts on June 13. According to CBS3 Springfield, the MGC confirmed the June date as a firm deadline for announcing the license. MGM was hoping to delay the award, as it will trigger millions in licensing fees for the casino operator despite a casino repeal effort proposed for the fall statewide ballot. Read more here.

Governor Patrick gets MGC to delay decision on Boston host community request

Governor Deval Patrick convinced the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) into delaying a hearing on Boston's request for host community designation. According to the Boston Globe, Patrick personally called MGC Chair Stephen Crosby and talked with him about postponing scheduled hearings by one week. Read more here.

MGM Springfield asks MGC to delay awarding casino license

MGM Springfield is asking the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) to delay awarding a casino license in the western part of the state. The Boston Globe reports the delay allows the company to avoid paying approximately $200 million in fees until after a court case is decided concerning a proposed referendum on repealing the casino law. Read more here.

Two sides file arguments in casino repeal case

Anti-casino activists and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley filed their legal briefs in the upcoming court case regarding a proposed referendum on the Expanded Gaming Act. The highest court in the state, the Supreme Judicial Court, is set to begin the hearing on the law, which legalized casino gambling, on May 5 according to the Springfield Republican. Read more here.

Eastern Massachusetts License Award Postponed

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) recently announced an indefinite delay in awarding a casino license for the eastern part of the state. The Revere Journal reports the ruling is due to requests from Boston officials that the city be considered a host community. Read more here.

MGM Springfield hopes for ruling against casino law repeal

Michael Mathis, President of MGM Springfield, recently spoke with the Springfield Republican about his hope that the Supreme Judicial Court rules against a proposed ballot question repealing the Expanded Gaming Act. The question, proposed by anti-casino activists but ruled unconstitutional by Attorney General Martha Coakley, allows voters to possibly repeal the 2011 law that legalized casino gambling in the state. Read more here.

Dispute on Boston status as host community may delay casino license fees

With the recent request by Boston for designation as a host community, state officials may not receive all the casino license fees they had expected for this fiscal year. A recent Associated Press article points out the state budget anticipated $195 million revenue from casino license fees, but the dispute in Boston may delay license decisions for eastern Massachusetts until August and beyond. Read more here.

Transportation issues will influence casino choice for eastern Massachusetts

The potential for increased traffic on already congested roads near Boston will influence members of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission as they choose a casino location for eastern Massachusetts. Commissioner Gayle Cameron told the Boston Globe, “it’s an issue at the forefront.” Read more here.

MGC extends deadline for casino proposals in southeastern Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) recently extended a deadline for the second phase of applications for the casino license in the southeastern part of the state. The Taunton Daily Gazette reports commissioners voted to extend the deadline after realizing the current one was unrealistic. Read more here.