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Below are slideshows from our significant recent presentations at conferences and public events.

May 2019

Public Research Day: Preliminary Impacts of MGM Springfield
Presenters: Martha Zorn, Dr. Edward Stanek, Valerie Evans, Dr. Alissa Mazar, Thomas Peake, Rebecca Loveland, Rod Motamedi, Andrew Hall
Location: UMass Center at Springfield, Springfield, MA

November 2018

Presenter: Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio
Location: San Diego, CA

July 2018

Risk of Harm as a Function of Type of Gambling
Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Cleveland, OH

Presenter: Alissa Mazar
Location: Cleveland, OH

April 2018

Monitoring Gambling Impacts in Massachusetts: Taking Stock in 2018
Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Banff, Alberta

The Importance of Friends and Family to Gambling, At-Risk Gambling, and Problem Gambling (Poster)
Presenter: Alissa Mazar
Location: Banff, Alberta

February 2018

Predictors of Gambling & Problem Gambling in Massachusetts
Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

November 2017

The Economic Burden of Pathological Gambling & Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
Presenters: Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, Evelyn Brand, Rachel Volberg
Location: Atlanta, GA

Pathological Gambling, Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders: An Assessment of the Provision of Care by Clinician Specialty
Presenters: Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, Maria Errea, Rachel Volberg
Location: Atlanta, GA

July 2017

Facing the Social and Public Health Impacts of Gambling
Presenters: Rachel Volberg, Lori Rugle
Location: Portland, OR

September 2016

Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

July 2016

Gambling and Problem Gambling as Tools of Social Domination
Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Tarrytown, NY

June 2016

International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking
Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Las Vegas, NV

February 2016

When Space is a Problem: Assessing Gambling & Problem Gambling
Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

November 2015

Gambling Behavior and Diagnosis of Mental Health Disorders: Adjusting for Health Insurance Coverage and Primary Care Physician Access (Poster)
Presenters: Larry Pelligrini, Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, R. Clark, J. Quian, and Rachel Volberg 
Location: Chicago, IL

Population Prevalence of Problem Gambling in MA: Results of a Comprehensive Baseline Survey and Implications for State Mental and Behavioral Health Systems (Poster)
Presenters: Rachel Volberg, Amanda Houpt, Martha Zorn
Location: Chicago, IL

Using Interactive Web Applications to Share Health-Related Data with a Lay Audience 
Presenters: Amanda Houpt, Martha Zorn, Rachel Volberg, Emily Ramos, Arvind Ramakrishnan, Jenna Kiridly, and Xuelian Li
Location: Chicago, IL

October 2015

Community Forum: How will the Casino Impact the Springfield Area?
Presenter: Rachel Volberg, Amanda Houpt, Mark Melnik
Location: Springfield, Massachusetts

February 2015

Canadian Consortium for Gambling Research Workshop
Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Vancouver, Canada

November 2014

American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
Presenters: Amanda Houpt, Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, Mark Vander Linden (MGC),Rachel Volberg, and Martha Zorn
Location: New Orleans, LA

September 2014

Tenth European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues
Presenters: Rachel Volberg
Location: Helsinki, Finland

July 2014

28th National Conference on Problem Gambling
Presenters: Rachel Volberg, Mark Vander Linden (MGC), Steve Keel (MA DPH), and Marlene Warner (MCCG)
Location: Orlando, Florida

June 2014

Midwest Conference on Problem Gambling & Substance Abuse
Presenters: Amanda Houpt and Mark Vander Linden
Location: Kansas City, MO

Second Annual Maryland Conference on Problem Gambling
Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Baltimore, MD

April 2014

2014 Massachusetts Conference on Gambling Problems
Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Natick, MA

February 2014

Fifth International Gambling Conference
Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

November 2013

Using Big Data to Study Development and Social Change
Presenter: Rachel Volberg
Location: Montreal, Canada