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Academic Publications

Below are links with information about peer-reviewed publications related to the SEIGMA project:

January 2019

Correlates of At-Risk and Problem Gambling Among Veterans in Massachusetts
Authors: Joshua Freeman, Rachel Volberg, and Martha Zorn
Publication: Journal of Gambling Studies

December 2018

Gender Differences in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders and Related Healthcare Services Utilization
Authors: Evelyn Brand, Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, and Rachel Volberg
Publication: The American Journal on Addictions

September 2018

The Importance of Friends and Family to Recreational Gambling, At-Risk Gambling, and Problem Gambling 
Authors: Alissa Mazar, Robert J. Williams, Edward J. Stanek III, Martha Zorn, and Rachel A. Volberg
Publication: BMC Public Health

September 2017

Authors: Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, Evelyn Brand, and Rachel Volberg
Publication: Journal of Addiction Medicine

August 2017

Authors: Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, Maria Errea, and Rachel Volberg
Publication: Journal of Behavioral Addictions

March 2016

Gambling involvement indicative of underlying behavioral and mental health disorders
Authors: Nene C. Okunna, Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, David A. Smelson, Krishna C. Poudel, and Rachel Volberg
Publication: The American Journal on Addictions

September 2015

An Evaluation of Substance Abuse, Mental Health Disorders, and Gambling Correlations: an Opportunity for Early Public Health Interventions
Authors: Nene C. Okunna, Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, David A. Smelson, and Rachel Volberg
Publication: International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction