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Journal of School-based Counseling Policy and Evaluation (JSCPE)

JSCPE is the journal of the International Society for Policy Research and Evaluation in School-Based Counseling (ISPRESC).

JSCPE was founded in order to initiate a serious international conversation about innovative and wide-ranging school-based
counseling policymaking that is founded on scientific evidence and rigorous research and evaluation.

Christopher Sink, Ph.D., Editor, Old Dominion University
Jennifer Brodar, Ph.D., Assistant Editor (APA editing), John Hopkins University
Rawn A. Boulden, Jr., M.Ed., HS-BCP, Assistant to the Editor, Old Dominion University
Tiffany Garverick, Assistant to the Editor, Old Dominion University


School-based counseling:

The purposeful support of student development within school settings by human services practitioners, including but not limited to school counselors, guidance counselors, college-career counselors, mental health counselors, drug-alcohol counselors, educational/school psychologists, academic counselors, and school social workers.

Journal Goals

To disseminate:

  • High quality school-based counseling research related to policy and evaluation
  • Innovations in school-based counseling policy and evaluation
  • Evidence-based conceptual or theoretical approaches to school-based counseling research and evaluation methods related policy studies
  • Accountability methods in school-based counseling policy and evaluation