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Journal of School-based Counseling Policy and Evaluation (JSCPE)

Call for manuscripts for inaugural publication

The International Society for Policy Research and Evaluation in School-Based Counseling (ISPRESC) is launching a new scholarly journal for practicing counselors, counselors in training, and academics aligned with school-based counseling. With the first issue, we hope to initiate a serious international conversation about the need for innovative and wide-ranging school-based counseling policymaking that is founded on scientific evidence and rigorous evaluations.

Given the journal is international in focus and distribution, contributions are welcomed from authors who represent school-based counseling in their particular countries. All manuscripts will be blindly reviewed.

Information on Manuscript Submission

The International Society for Policy Research and Evaluation in School-Based Counseling (ISPRESC) Website


School-based counseling:

The purposeful support of student development within school settings by human services practitioners, including but not limited to school counselors, guidance counselors, college-career counselors, mental health counselors, drug-alcohol counselors, educational/school psychologists, academic counselors, and school social workers.

Journal Goals

To disseminate:

  • High quality school-based counseling research related to policy and evaluation
  • Innovations in school-based counseling policy and evaluation
  • Evidence-based conceptual or theoretical approaches to school-based counseling research and evaluation methods related policy studies
  • Accountability methods in school-based counseling policy and evaluation