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Staff & Committee Directory

2017 Outstanding Staff Award winners, Karen Mason and Grace Rock

Keeping all the systems running at the UMass College of Social & Behavioral Sciences is our dedicated staff. These unsung heroes manage the multitude of administrative and organizational tasks that keep all of the departments in the College running smoothly and efficiently.

Faculty and Staff by Department/Program

AnthropologyFaculty  |  Staff
CommunicationFaculty  |  Staff
EconomicsFaculty  |  Staff
Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR)Staff, Consultants, Scholars, and Board
JournalismFaculty & Staff
Labor StudiesFaculty & Staff
Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning Faculty  |  Staff
Legal StudiesFaculty & Staff
Political Economy Research Institute (PERI)Faculty, Fellows, & Staff
Political ScienceFaculty & Staff
School of Public PolicyFaculty |  Staff
Resource EconomicsFaculty & Staff
Social Thought & Political EconomyFaculty & Staff
SociologyFaculty | Staff

Below is a list of staff by function and our numerous committees.

Melissa WalshSBS Dean's Office
Grace Rock / Beverly MorrisonAnthropology
Donna BergCommunication
Nancy Lattinville / Sheila GilroyEconomics
Karen MasonISSR
Sheilagh HanleyJournalism
Terry TrudeauLARP
Nicole DunhamPERI
Aaron TauscherPolitical Science/Legal Studies
Gail FleischakerResource Economics
Donna VanasseSTPEC
Zachary MallaviaSociology
Cindy PattenSociology/Labor Center

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Mary Ann LibardiSBS Dean's Office
Debbie Averill and Beverly MorrisonAnthropology
Amanda KimballCommunication
Nancy Lattinville and Sheila GilroyEconomics
Karen MasonISSR
Terry TrudeauLARP
Nicole DunhamPERI
Kathy ColonPublic Policy
Julie McNeelyPolitical Science/Legal Studies
Gail FleischakerResource Economics
Donna VanasseSTPEC
Maureen WarnerSociology/Labor Center

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Undergraduate Advising
Boone ShearAnthropology
Allison ButlerCommunication
Valerie VoorheisEconomics
Beth WallaceJournalism
Patricia McGirrLandscape Architecture
Adrian GracePolitical Science/Legal Studies
Satu ZollerPublic Policy
Alesia BrennanResource Economics
Monica GarciaSTPEC
Kat FabelSociology
Mark HaminSustainable Community Development

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Graduate Programs
Shelley SilvaAnthropology
Kathy ReadyCommunication
Mark LanderyouEconomics
Julie RosierLabor Center
Kellie NicholasLARP
Emily WhitePolitical Science/Legal Studies
Kathy Colon / Satu ZollerPublic Policy
Sophie WilliamsonResource Economics
Katelyn MartinSociology

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Shelley SilvaAnthropology
Omadelle BowserCommunication
Nancy NashEconomics
Sheilagh HanleyJournalism
Kellie NicholasLARP
Emily WhitePolitical Science/Legal Studies
Kathy ColonPublic Policy
Sophie WilliamsonResource Economics
Donna VanasseSTPEC
Wesley DunhamSociology/Labor Center

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Travel Processing
Grace RockAnthropology
Donna BergCommunication
Nancy LattinvilleEconomics
Sheilagh HanleyJournalism
Stacy RichardsonLARP
Nicole DunhamPERI
Aaron TauscherPolitical Science/Legal Studies
Gail FleischakerResource Economics
Sophie WilliamsonResource Economics
Donna VanasseSTPEC
Cindy PattenSociology/Labor Center

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IT Support
Bruce O'LearyCommunication
Adam GoodmanEconomics
Brian BarnesISSR
Bruce O'LearyJournalism
Evonne GongLARP
Jeannette Wicks-LimPERI
Eileen KeeganResource Economics
Heather CassidySociology/Labor Center

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Matt Medeiros & Mythreyi KrishnanSBS/Dean's Office
Matt Medeiros & Shelley SilvaAnthropology
Matt Medeiros & Omadelle BowserCommunication
Mythreyi Krishnan & Sheila GilroyEconomics
Elisa MartinezISSR
Mythreyi Krishnan & Sarah CorsoJournalism
Matt Medeiros & Julie RosierLabor Center
Matt Medeiros & Evonne GongLARP
Kim WeinsteinPERI
Mythreyi Krishnan & Crystal PaulPolitical Science/Legal Studies/Grant Support
Matt Medeiros & Maureen TurnerPublic Policy
Mythreyi Krishnan & Eileen KeeganResource Economics
Mythreyi Krishnan & Monica GarciaSTPEC
Matt Medeiros & Wesley DunhamSociology

**Matt Medeiros and Mythreyi Krishnan serve as communications liasons/managers. They operate out of the dean's office and provide extra support in communications to assigned departments.

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Susan McDonoughSBS Dean's Office
Grace RockAnthropology
Amanda KimballCommunication
Sheila GilroyEconomics
Sarah CorsoJournalism
Julie RosierLabor Center
Terry TrudeauLARP
Crystal PaulPolitical Science/Legal Studies
Gail FleischakerResource Economics
Monica GarciaSTPEC
Wesley DunhamSociology

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Melissa WalshSBS Dean's Office
Grace RockAnthropology
Donna BergCommunication
Nancy LattinvilleEconomics
Karen MasonISSR
Terry TrudeauLARP
Nicole DunhamPERI
Crystal Paul / Aaron TauscherPolitical Science
Gail FleischakerResource Economics
Donna VanasseSTPEC
Zachary MallaviaSociology
Cindy PattenSociology/Labor Center

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Committees (2018-19)

College Personnel Committee

The SBS Personnel Committee has many annual duties as well as some case-by-case responsibilities. Each year, the committee is tasked with reviewing: exceptional merit awards (September); faculty tenure (November); promotion cases (January); and mini tenure cases (March). A sub-committee of the Personnel Committee meets in April to handle Periodic Multi-Year Review cases. Additionally, the committee reviews tenure with hire cases based on the hire date throughout the year and it reviews distinguished professorship cases based on when the individual cases are received throughout the year. After the Personnel Committee review level, the cases are then reviewed separately by the Dean and the Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development.

Ventura PérezAnthropology413-577-0662
Donal CarbaughCommunication413-545-1311 
James Heintz, Co-ChairEconomics413-545-6355
Nicholas McBrideJournalism413-545-5921
Ethan Carr, Co-ChairLARP413-545-0153
Angela de OliveiraResource Economics413-545-5716
Maryann Barakso Political Science413-545-4363 
Dan ClawsonSociology413-545-5974
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee is charged with enhancing and improving instruction and student learning in SBS.

NameTitle or Department/ProgramPhone
Julie Caswell, chairAssoc. Dean for Education and Student Development413-577-1203
John HirdDean413-545-7187
Lynn PhillipsDir. of Academic Engagement and Student Success413-577-0518
Krista HarperAnthropology413-577-0661
Benjamin BaileyCommunication413-545-2522
Michael AshEconomics413-545-2590
Raz SibiiJournalism413-545-5926
Patricia McGirrLandscape Architecture413-545-6621
Paul CollinsLegal Studies413-545-4079
Justin GrossPolitical Science413-545-6185
Angela de OliveiraResource Economics413-545-5716
Kelly GraySBS Exploratory Track413-577-1057
Satu ZollerSchool of Public Policy413-545-2714
Jonathan Wynn​ (Fall 18)Sociology413-545-4073
Fareen Parvez (Spring 19)Sociology413-545-5920
Graciela MonteagudoSTPEC413-545-0043
Mark HaminSustainable Community Development413-545-6608
Graduate Directors Council

The Graduate Directors Council coordinates Methods course offerings and works together to support the SBS graduate student experience.

Naomi Gerstel, ChairActing Assoc. Dean of Research413-545-5977
Thomas LeathermanAnthropology413-577-0775
Henry GeddesCommunication413-545-3585
Mwangi wa GithinjiEconomics413-545-1373
Clare HammondsLabor Studies413-545-0577
Ethan CarrLARP (MLA, MLA/MRP, and MArch)413-545-0153
Mark HaminLARP (MRP, MRP/MArch, and MRP/MPPA)413-545-6608
Ellen PaderLARP (MRP/Law)413-545-6620
Henry RenskiLARP (PhD)413-545-6638
Peter HaasPolitical Science413-545-6174
Lee Badgett 
Satu Zoller
School of Public Policy413-545-3162
Christian RojasResource Economics413-545-6651
Joya MisraSociology413-545-3577
Dean's Research Council

The Dean's Research Council organizes the Social Science Matters speaker series annually. The Council also offers two categories of grants to support research each year. A strong preference is given to generating a new research project or a new direction within an existing project. Priority in most cases is given to those projects that are likely to lead to external foundation or government funding; however, SBS also supports high-quality, meritorious research for which opportunities for extramural funding are limited. All ranks of tenure track faculty and lecturers whose major responsibilities include research are eligible to apply to both categories. 

Laurel Smith-Doerr, Co-chairDirector of ISSRISSR413-545-5981
Naomi Gerstel, Co-chairActing Assoc. Dean of ResearchSBS Dean's Office413-545-5977
Benjamin BaileyProfessorCommunication413-545-2522
Josh BraunAssociate ProfessorJournalism413-545-0056
Jason KamilarAssociate ProfessorAnthropology413-545-7397
Larry KingProfessorEconomics413-577-1605
Emily WangAssistant ProfessorResource Economics413-545-5741
Kevin YoungAssociate ProfessorPolitical Science413-545-2029
Dean's Student Advisory Council
Student MembersMajor
Jennifer MarinoAnthropology
Horizon StarwoodAnthropology
Sean MurphyCommunication
Juliette RiceCommunication
Antonia MoriniEconomics
Jonathan BlumEconomics
Parker LouisonJournalism
Sarah JacobsJournalism
Joseph WynneLandscape Architecture
Makenna PalzkillLandscape Architecture
Margaret MendozaLegal Studies
Rosario Naranjo-Zarate Legal Studies
Viviana Angel-CruzPolitical Science
Ahmad BakrinPolitical Science
Jonathan AstorResource Economics
Tanvi BadrinathResource Economics
Marvens PierreSocial Thought & Political Economy
Ashley EversonSocial Thought & Political Economy
Pengrun HuangSociology
May NguyenSociology
Abigail MooreSustainable Community Development
Hannah RikemanSustainable Community Development
Cobi FrongilloPublic Policy & Management
Dean's Office MembersTitle
John HirdDean
Julie CaswellAssoc. Dean for Education and Student Development
Lynn PhillipsDir. of Academic Engagement and Student Success