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Presentation of and Panel Chair for “Networking the Nexus: The Political Information Environment Surrounding the Use of Scientific Evidence in Regulatory Policymaking,” (with Bruce Desmarais), International Political Science Association, Montreal, July 2014.

Presentation of “Mapping the Politico-Intellectual Neighborhood of Regulatory Impact Analyses,” Regulatory Governance Between Global and Local,” (with Bruce Desmarais), Barcelona, June 2014.

Re-examining the Policy Analysis Method” Roundtable presentation at APPAM Spring Conference, Washington, DC, April 12, 2014.

Invited presentation, 20th Annual Aaron Wildavsky Forum on Public Policy, “The Paradox of Public Policy Analysis,” University of California Berkeley, April 10, 2014.

Presentation of “Public Policy’s Bibliography: Scientific Evidence in U.S. Regulatory Policymaking,” International Conference on Public Policy, Grenoble, France, 28 June 2013.

Panel chair (2 panels) and Discussant (1 panel) Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Baltimore, MD, November 2012.

Panel chair, “Environmental Justice Research,” 32nd annual Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Research Conference, Boston, MA, November 2010.

Presentation to Policy Institute for Family Impact Seminars, participants from nine states, March 19, 2009.

Presentation on environment, risk, and public policy, before Argentinean Fulbright Fellows, June 27, 2008.

Discussant, panel on science, scientists, and the policy process. Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 14, 2007.

The Importance of Policy Analysis to Legislators,” presentation to the Annual Meeting of the Council of State Governments, Mohegan Sun, CT, July 26, 2005.

Panel chair, “New Approaches to Case Method Teaching” 26th Annual Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Research Conference, Atlanta, October 2004.

Panel chair, “Social and Policy Implications of Dam Removal” Massachusetts Water Resources Research Center, 2nd Annual Conference, University of Massachusetts Amherst, October 2004.

Gordon Research Conference, Science and Technology Policy, Big Sky, Montana, August 15-20, 2004. (GRC conferences do not have paper presentations, but are open discussions of science and technology policy issues involving natural and biological scientists, policymakers, social scientists, journalists, etc.)

University of Massachusetts Amherst conference on Homeland Security (SEPRI), led discussion and presented results on decision-making and public policy, March 2004.

Conference organizer, and opening remarks, Policy Partnerships: Opportunities and Dilemmas for Cities and Universities, University of Massachusetts Amherst, April 5, 2001. “CPPA and Policy Partnerships,” Holyoke, MA, April 6, 2001.

Radio interview (one hour) with Marty Moss-Cohane on Superfund policy in the new presidential administration, Radio Times, WHYY (NPR affiliate), Philadelphia, December 19, 2000.

Invited talk and roundtable discussion on Superfund Reform (with Don Clay, James T. Hamilton, W. Kip Viscusi, and Robert Hahn), American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC, November 9, 1999.

Panel Chair, Twentieth Annual Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Research Conference, New York, November 1998.

Panel Chair, LINKS Conference, Boston, MA, April 1998.

Presented paper and served as discussant at the 19th Annual Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Research Conference, Washington, DC, November 1997.

Presented paper and served as discussant at the Western Political Science Association Conference,Tucson, AZ, March 1997.

Presented paper at the Eighteenth Annual Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Research Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, November 1996.

Delivered nine individual USIA-sponsored lectures in Japan on the U.S. experience with regulation and deregulation, by invitation, September 8-23, 1995, in the following locations: Japan Center for Economic Research, Tokyo (Sept. 11); Tokyo American Center, Tokyo (Sept. 12); Japan-American Society of Hokkaido, Sapporo (Sept. 13); Sapporo American Center, Sapporo (Sept. 13); Faculty of Economics, Otaru Commercial University, Otaru (Sept. 14); American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Tokyo (Sept. 19); Kyoto American Center, Kyoto (Sept. 20); Osaka American Center, Osaka (Sept. 21); Nagoya International Center, Nagoya (Sept. 22).

Delivered two lectures at Brown University (“Regulatory Reform Alternatives” and “Reforming Superfund”), Providence, RI, April 24, 1996.

Delivered three lectures to representatives of Turkmenistan through a project funded by USAID through the Institute for Training and Development in Amherst, MA (“Macroeconomics and Public Budgeting,” “Analytical Techniques in Policy Analysis,” and “Benefit-Cost Analysis: A Case Study”), April 4, 6, and 18, 1996.

Delivered talk and participated in roundtable discussion on the use of benefit-cost analysis in environmental regulations, New York State Governor’s Office of Regulatory Reform, RPI Alumni House, Troy, NY, November 14, 1995.

Chaired panel and presented paper at the Fifteenth Annual Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Research Conference, Washington, DC, October 1993.

Paper presented at Annual Midwestern Political Science Association Conference in Chicago, IL, April 10, 1992.

Paper presented at Annual Western Political Science Association Conference in San Francisco, CA, March 1992.

Paper presented at Annual American Political Science Association Conference in San Francisco, CA, August 1990.

Paper presented at the Eleventh Annual Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Research Conference, Arlington, VA, October 1989.

Paper presented at the Ninth Annual Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Research Conference, Washington, DC, October 1987.