Dean's Office

The SBS Dean's Office provides leadership for the College on multiple crucial levels. The office directs the strategic direction of the college, guides teaching and research missions, and ensures the welfare of the College's faculty and students. The office also provides administrative support and directs the allocation of the budget. 

The Dean's Office Staff

SBS Director of Diversity Advancement
404 Thompson Hall
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advising
128 Thompson Hall
(413) 577-1057
Cindy Beaumont
Personnel and Finance Specialist
201B Draper Hall
(413) 545-4172
Academic Dean and Director of First Year Seminars
128 Thompson Hall
(413) 577-1057
Associate Dean for Education and Student Development & Distinguished Professor
225 Draper Hall
(413) 577-1203
Jessica Dizek
Associate Director of Development
216 Draper Hall
(413) 545-1445
Associate Director of External Affairs for Communication & Events
223 Draper Hall
(413) 577-1703

Amber Fox
Information Technology Lead
203 Draper Hall
(413) 545-7186

230 Draper Hall
(413) 545-7187
Ebru Kardan
Director of External Affairs and Communications
221 Draper Hall
(413) 545-0694
Director of Program Innovation
330 Thompson Hall
(413) 545-6182
Personnel Officer
201A Draper Hall
(413) 545-4186
Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development
236 Draper Hall
(413) 545-5977

Associate Director of External Affairs and Donor Relations
235 Draper Hall
(413) 577-1202

Matthew Medeiros
Communications Manager
220 Draper Hall

Karen Schoenberger
Senior Assistant Dean
229 Draper Hall
(413) 545-1753

Director of Career and Professional Development
128 Thompson Hall
(413) 577-1057
Jerod Shuford
Assistant Director of Development
219 Draper Hall
Director of the Institute for Social Science Research
110A Bartlett Hall
(413) 545-5983
Assistant to the Deans
231 Draper Hall
(413) 545-4173
Budget and Personnel Officer
201 Draper Hall
(413) 545-4405
For a list of our Advising team members, please visit our SBS Advising page.