The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Welcome to the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences at UMass Amherst

So you want to make an impact? You’ve come to the right place.

At the UMass Amherst College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS), we’re interested in how you will influence society. Thanks to you, the world will never be the same. Our college houses undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs that study human behavior from different social science vantage points. This work is vital; it allows us to understand why people do what they do, which then allows us to react from an informed perspective. We’re better equipped to address problems like war, poverty, and climate change because we’re uncovering what motivates humans.   

Through SBS, you’ll choose an academic path that bridges science and liberal arts, but this path won’t define you. We’ll encourage you to think beyond your major or area of study, take classes that stretch beyond your field, and participate in discussions beyond your purview. Our SBS Pathways to Success approach will guide you along your chosen pathway to success, supporting you in developing your own vision of success, setting goals, and nurturing the specific skills, insights, and experiences you'll need to bring them to fruition. We want to cultivate independent, innovative and fearless thinkers who challenge conventional wisdom in order to offer ideas and solutions for the most critical issues facing our society.

At SBS, you’ll engage in rigorous study and scientific research that will challenge you intellectually. Your professors will push you to transform your pre-conceived notions into evidence-based conclusions. We’re not just interested in what you’ll discover; this learning process will change you and shape what matters to you. The world is complex, and you’ll find that the more answers you seek, the more questions you unearth. We enjoy this shaky ground because we know it leads to the most compelling possibilities.

Finally, SBS will prepare you for your future. Your studies will be both theoretical and grounded in tangible, real-world skills; strong communication and analytical abilities; and teamwork experience that allows you to excel in the workforce and beyond. As a graduate, you might found a new non-profit, create a landscape design that facilitates better human interaction, or translate your talent to the tech world in Silicon Valley.

At SBS, the opportunities are endless; the impact is lasting.

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