SBS Scholarship Winners: Spring 2017

Ansin Study Abroad  

Ronald Ansin and his family established the Ansin Study Abroad Fellowship in 1999. Mr. Ansin is the father of two UMass Amherst alumni, Ken ’87 and Bob ’96, who were both political science majors. This award helps undergraduates to live and study overseas. 
  • Madison Brigati, Anthropology
  • Meghan Hurley, Anthropology
  • Marquis Lawton, Anthropology
  • Olivia Radcliffe, Anthropology
  • Megan Savoy, Anthropology, Chinese Language
  • Samantha Halm, Anthropology, Environmental Science
  • Mina Puig, Anthropology, Linguistics
  • Colton Lange, Communication
  • Andrea Pulido, Communication, Women/Gender/Sexuality Studies
  • James Bedingfield, Economics
  • Catherine Barry, Economics
  • Conor Bond, Economics
  • Jeanai Celestin, Economics
  • Kimberly Udemba, Economics
  • Viritpol Sunprugksin, Economics, Mathematics & Finance
  • Lia Gips, Journalism
  • Lucy Martirosyan, Journalism, French and Francophone Studies
  • Keziah Prosper, Landscape Architecture
  • Megan Siwek, Legal Studies `, Political Science
  • Kaleigh Mency, Political Science
  • Angelese Revaleon, Political Science
  • Thomas Vu, Political Science
  • Sopharanny Houn, Political Science, International Relations
  • Dany Chhan, Political Science, Public Health
  • Alicia Ma Shum, Political Science, Public Health
  • Catherine Lefebvre, Social Thought and Political Economy
  • Olivia Horte, Sustainable Community Development

Bluestein Award

Supports students with demonstrated academic and/or career interests in economics, technology or public policy. Preference is given to students who are first in their family to attend college and those who have demonstrated financial need.

  • Xin Zhang, Economics
  • Meghan Healey, Economics, Natural Resource Conservation

Butterfield Award

Supports a student (any major, campus-wide) who works at The Daily Collegian and has demonstrated financial need. Winners possess outstanding journalistic skills and ethics, a passion for news reporting.

William Soltero, Political Science, Journalism

Dean's Merit Award

Funded by gifts from alumni to a meritorious SBS major.

  • Tyler Baker, Legal Studies, Political Science
  • Cobi Frongillo, Political Science
  • Maylene Rodriguez Scott, Sociology
  • Christian Appia, Sustainable Community Development

Dean's Opportunity Award

Supports juniors with declared majors in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. 

  • Emma Tavolieri, Communication
  • Susan Keery, Communication, English
  • Andrea Pulido, Communication, Women/Gender/Sexuality Studies
  • Jeanai Celestin, Economics
  • Serena McMahon, Journalism, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
  • Karina Ramos-Avila, Landscape Architecture
  • Reif Larsen, Landscape Architecture
  • Hannah Winslow, Legal Studies
  • Megan Siwek, Legal Studies, Political Science
  • Dillon MacInnis, Political Science, Marketing
  • Lauren Russo, Resource Economics
  • Gabrielle Tobin, Resource Economics
  • Brittany Justin, Sociology, Psychology
  • Madison Kremer, Sustainable Community Development

Dean's Research Award

  • Lillian Carone, BDIC: Ethnobotany, Herbal Medicine and Photography, Indigenous Studies
  • Sarah Coomey, Political Science, French & Francophone Studies
  • Sabrina Negron, Journalism

Lebovidge Research Award

  • Brian Carchedi, Sports Management, Legal Studies
  • Callie Hansson, Journalism
  • Oluwatimilehin Iwayemi, Economics
  • Madison Kremer, Sustainable Community Development
  • Mica Reel, Anthropology, BDIC: Narrative Justice

Merriam Internship Award

Supports students taking summer or semester-long internships in public policy, law, ecological conservation, and/or real estate development. 

  • Christa Hurley, Anthropology, Psychology
  • Justin  Murphy, Political Science, History
  • Kerry Chan, Resource Economics

SBS Internship Award

Funded by multiple donors, this award supports SBS students who will complete internships during the the summer or fall 2017 semester. 

  • Jade Desmarais, Anthropology
  • Margaret Reynolds, Anthropology
  • Mica Reel, Anthropology, BDIC: Narrative Justice
  • Martin Boersma, Anthropology, Chinese
  • William McDonald, Communication
  • Thomas Rodrick, Communication
  • Grace Perry, Communication, BDIC Film/Television Production
  • Andrea Pulido, Communication, Women/Gender/Sexuality Studies
  • Matthew Kelley, Economics
  • Marvin Hua, Economics
  • Viritpol Sunprugksin, Economics, Mathematics & Finance
  • Rebecca Wandel, Journalism, English
  • Afnan Nehela, Journalism, Psychology (BS)
  • Chelsea Paglia, Legal Studies
  • Brennan Tierney, Legal Studies, Economics
  • Ryan Christensen, Legal Studies, Political Science
  • Elise Mann, Political Science
  • Andrew Moles, Political Science
  • Manuel Bonder, Political Science
  • Liam Lydon, Political Science, Economics
  • Eunice Ko, Political Science, Finance
  • Shannon Emmett, Political Science, Spanish
  • Sylvia Peterson, Social Thought and Political Economy
  • Catherine Lefebvre, Social Thought and Political Economy
  • Brittany Justin, Sociology, Psychology
  • Aidan Novo, Sociology, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Sutton Award

Provides financial support to undergraduate students who are attending the University after overcoming personal and/or financial hardship. This award is open to all full-time UMass students.

  • Rowan Teodros, Journalism
  • Brittany Justin, Sociology, Psychology

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