SBS Pathways Philosophy

At a Communication Department alumni-student networking and advising session, an alumnus shows a student how to navigate LinkedIn


At the UMass College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, we prepare you for lifelong success.

Many people think of college as a place where you simply attend class, strive for good grades, and graduate - hopefully with a job offer or graduate school plans in hand by the end of senior year. And while this is definitely a crucial part of college, we know that there is so much more to having a fullfilling and successful experience. Which is why we created the SBS Pathways philosophy.

SBS Pathways is an integrated approach to your college experience designed to guide you along your chosen pathway to success. SBS Pathways supports you in developing your own vision of success, setting goals, and cultivating the specific skills, insights, and experiences you'll need to bring them to fruition - now, and in your life beyond UMass.

How does it work?

Work with your advisors. Our advisors will help you explore your academic interests, create a curriculum that works for you, articulate and achieve your goals, and become an engaged member of your community. Depending on the kind of advice you need, you will meet with an advisor in your department (items related specifically to your major) or with someone in the SBS Advising Resource Center. Check out your options here.

Take advantage of your education. Our world-class faculty will provide you with a rich intellectual experience, provide you with invaluable critical thinking skills, and open up your eyes to the world around you. Choose your courses wisely, immerse yourself in the subjects that speak to you, and make the most of office hours and student-faculty research opportunities.

Think about your professional development from the very beginning. Our Career and Professional development team will help you craft a killer resume, prepare for interviews, provide you with internship and job resources, connect you to alumni for invaluable networking opportunites, and more. Find out more here.

Start off strong in your first-year seminar. As an SBS student, you will start off your UMass experience with a first year seminar that will help you hone a long term plan for your time here.

By adopting the SBS Pathways philosophy from the time you step onto campus to the time you graduate, you will not only set yourself up for a successful college experience, but you will approach the future full of the confidence, skills, and experience you need to make your mark on the world.

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