The University of Massachusetts Amherst

SBS Outstanding Teaching Award

The SBS Outstanding Teaching Award was instituted in 1995 to augment the University Distinguished Teaching Award by recognizing a larger number of talented teachers within SBS. Candidates for the SBS Outstanding Teaching Award are nominated by their peers and selected by the SBS Outstanding Teaching Award Committee, which is chaired by the Senior Associate Dean for Education and Student Development.


Allison ButlerCommunication2021
Nathan ChanResource Economics2021
Ofer SharoneSociology2020
Rodrigo ZamithJournalism2020
Mark PachuckiSociology2019
Kimberlee PérezCommunication2019
Jennifer LundquistSociology2018
Leah WingLegal Studies2018
Emily WestCommunication2017
James KittsSociology2017
Carol HeimEconomics2016
Enobong Hannah BranchSociology2015
Claudio MoreiraCommunication2015
Brian McDermottJournalism2014
Mwangi wa GĩthĩnjiEconomics2014
B.J. RocheJournalism2013
David CortSociology2013
Lynn PhillipsCommunication2012
Nicholas McBrideJournalism2012
Bernard Morzuch (ISOM)Resource Economics2012
Elizabeth KrauseAnthropology2011
Michael AshEconomics and Public Policy2011
Millicent ThayerSociology2010
Jillian SchwedlerPolitical Science2010
Jarice HansonCommunication2009
Christopher Overtree*Psychology2009
Glenn Caffery (NRE)Resource Economics2008
Arthur KeeneAnthropology2008
Tamara Rahhal*Psychology2008
Lynette SievertAnthropology2007
Maureen Perry-Jenkins*Psychology2007
Benjamin BaileyCommunication2006
Ray La RajaPolitical Science2006
Karen ListJournalism2005
Joya MisraSociology2005
Mari CastañedaCommunication2004
David MednicoffLegal Studies2004
Linda Isbell*Psychology2004
Eve WeinbaumLabor Studies2003
Erica ScharrerCommunication2003
Robert PaynterAnthropology2003
Daniel Lass (NRE)Resource Economics2003
Michael MorganCommunication2002
Léonce NdikumanaEconomics2002
Melinda Novak*Psychology2002
Leda CooksCommunication2001
M.V. Lee BadgettEconomics2001
David Todd*Psychology2001
Deirdre RoysterSociology2000
Richard WolffEconomics2000
Lynette SievertAnthropology1999
Mort Harmatz*Psychology1999
Stephen ResnickEconomics1998
Robert Feldman*Psychology1997
Naomi GerstelSociology1997
Arnold Well*Psychology1997
Carolyn AndersonCommunication1996
Thomas Stevens (NRE)Resource Economics1996
Sheldon GoldmanPolitical Science1995

* The Psychology Department became part of the College of Natural Sciences in 2009.