SBS Academic Fellows Program

Tenzin Thargay, Academic Leadership Fellow and winner of the 2016 Salute to Service Award

The UMass Amherst SBS Academic Fellows Program supports SBS undergraduate students to develop their academic and leadership potential to their fullest extent. One of the expectations of this program is that SBS Academic Fellows lead/participate in the planning and implementation of the program.

While the Academic Fellows represent the diversity of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences in a number of ways, some of the common factors across this remarkable group of students are: ambition, vision, intelligence, a drive to succeed, and a desire to improve the student experience – and the world.

Goals for Academic Fellows

  1. Achieve academic success at UMass Amherst,
  2. Further develop leadership skills by participating in opportunities to lead,
  3. Participate fully in co-curricular and experiential opportunities that lead to success at UMass and beyond,
  4. Build a supportive community for success at UMass Amherst, and
  5. Understand the cultural context of UMass Amherst and to work to create positive change.

Program Commitment

SBS Academic Fellows can participate in the program to the extent that they are able. There are three scheduled AFP General Membership meetings plus other AFP-focused events each semester. Fellows may choose to earn a certificate of completion at the end of each semester by attending at least six SBS Academic Fellows endorsed events (but certificate completion is not necessary to be part of the program). Events are spread out over a variety of areas, including professional and career development, social justice talks, multicultural events, and more.

Interested? Students who are interested in joining the SBS Academic Fellows Program can contact:

Angélica Bernal
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the Academic Fellows Program