Social Science Matters

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is home to a broad range of approaches to social science, all of which we celebrate, from purely theoretical and interpretive research to all manner of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. One of our priorities is to ensure that this exciting social science research connects with the public while showing the relevance of the social sciences to everyday lives and policy. 

Social Science Matters Speaker Series

Every year, SBS sponsors a speaker series around the theme of Social Science Matters, with a focus on one pressing topic. Our departments invite expert speakers to campus that showcase the contributions of the various social science disciplines to important issues and demonstrate the cross-disciplinary connections within and beyond SBS.  This popular series carried the theme of Inequality in 2014-15, Resistance in 2015-16, and Migration in 2016-17. This upcoming academic year we will have four speakers come to campus and address a wide range of topics, the first two focusing on women in the workplace. Details on this years speakers are pending confirmation, and will be available soon.

Connecting Social Science Matters to our Curriculum

Topics related to this year's Social Science Matters series will be incorporated into a number of our classes, such as:

  • POLI SCI 395F Women in Politics
  • SOCIOL 283 Gender and Society