The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Grant Proposal Submission Process

All grant proposals for sponsored research are submitted through the Office of Pre-Award Services (OPAS) via the Kuali proposal submission system. Because this process must go through several levels of review before reaching OGCA (i.e., PIs, Chairs, and Deans), please allow plenty of time for routing your proposal. The College requires 24 hours to review all proposals, not including weekends and holidays. The Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) will assist SBS faculty with the preparation of the proposal, communicating with OGCA, and all aspects of pre- and post-award grant support.

Overhead or indirect cost rates (IDC) are negotiated with major funding agencies by the University and are thus set by prior agreements. The standard federal overhead rate is currently 59.5%. Some sponsors require much lower indirect costs rates. Click here for the procedure and policy for a request in reduction of IDC, and please copy the Senior Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development on your request.

The IDC is divided according to the policy described below. If there is more than one PI, Department, or College involved then the proposal must include an MOU within the Kuali proposal submission system.

Policy of Distributing Indirect Costs

All proposals submitted by SBS faculty are to be submitted through ISSR. ISSR will provide a variety of pre- and post-award management support. The PI should tag ISSR as an institutional affiliation and then follow the below split. More information on how to tag affiliations in Kuali can be found through Kuali's quick guide.

  1. The SBS Dean’s Office allocates all its share of indirect funds (8%) received from grant activity to ISSR; therefore, in the Credit Allocation section in Key Personnel the RTF should remain 0 for SBS Dean and the appropriate percentage entered for ISSR.
    • Please note that ISSR has to be manually added each time. To manually enter ISSR, go under unit details under the key personnel tab and enter in Kuali unit number K000039. This replaces entirely the default College of Social and Behavioral Sciences unit name. More information on how to tagging centers and institutes can be found through Kuali's quick guide.
  2. Departments will split their indirect funds with ISSR, with half (4%) retained by the department and half (4%) allocated to ISSR.
  3. For grants emanating from SBS Centers, the departmental split will be one-third (2.6%) to Department, one-third (2.6%) to the relevant Center, and one-third (2.6%) to ISSR.
  4. PIs will keep their full indirect cost return (10%).
  5. In cases where there are multiple SBS investigators, they will determine their share of the 10% PI RTF; their departments will share the 4% of the departmental 8% RTF in whichever proportion they determine (the other 4% going to ISSR); and the entire 8% of the college-level RTF will go to ISSR. In cases where there is one or more non-SBS investigators, the investigators will determine their share of the 10% PI RTF; their departments will share the departmental 8% RTF in whichever proportion they determine, with the SBS department(s)’ share being split evenly with ISSR; the 8% college-level RTF will be shared among the colleges, with the proportion remaining going to ISSR. Total percentage RTF distribution must be 26%.