The University of Massachusetts Amherst

SBS Faculty Grants

In order to support the development and growth of the diverse and excellent faculty research in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Dean’s Research Council offers the following grants each year:

Research Support Grants
Research Support Grants are intended for generating new research activity. Up to $7,000 per Principal Investigator. Up to $14,000 with two PIs from SBS. Faculty should review the Research Support Grant details prior to applying. 

Conference and Visitor Grants
Conference and Visitor Grants are intended for bringing a speaker or colleague to campus or to host a conference or workshop on campus. Up to $2,000 support with matching from other sources. Please indicate the sources of the matching funds. Faculty should review the Conference and Visitor Grant details prior to applying.

Grant-Writing Fellowship
Please note that applications for the Institute for Social Science Research Scholars Program (a course reduction for year-long proposal preparation seminar) are solicited once per year under a separate call during the spring semester. For more info, contact Joya Misra, Director of the Institution for Social Science Research (ISSR).

Rapid Response Grants
For research activities requiring rapid response, requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Senior Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development in consultation with the Dean's Research Council. A case must be made for the urgency of the application, explaining why the fall and spring deadlines are inapplicable.

The quality of faculty research proposals is high and the funds are limited, making it a competitive funding process. A strong preference is given to generating a new research project or a new direction within an existing project. Priority in most cases is given to those new projects that are likely to lead to external foundation or government funding; however, SBS has smaller grants to support high-quality, meritorious research for which opportunities for extramural funding are limited.

All ranks of tenure track faculty and lecturers whose major responsibilities include research are eligible to apply to both categories.

The deadline for applications for the Research Support Grants and Conference and Visitor Grants is October 14, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Lundquist, Senior Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development.

For assistance in preparing your budget, including information about RA costs, please contact Karen Mason. For any questions about the SBS Faculty Grants submission process, please contact Saulo DePaula.


SBS Faculty Grants past recipients

SBS Outstanding Research Award

The SBS Outstanding Research Award was introduced in the spring of 2016 and recognizes distinguished achievement in scholarship and research. Award recipients will receive a $1,000 prize and a plaque at an SBS event.

Award Eligibility

Tenure line faculty at all ranks are eligible for the award. Self-nominations are welcome, as well as nominations from faculty peers, Departmental Personnel Committees, and Department Chairs. The types of achievement envisioned should be within the last five years and include:

  • The winning of a prestigious prize.
  • Receipt of distinguished awards from one's peers.
  • Receipt of a major grant.
  • Noteworthy publications in the field.

Award Timeline

The deadline for nominations is March 24, 2023.

Nomination Criteria

  • Letter of nomination from nominating person.
  • Nominee's CV.
  • Scholarly materials sufficient to allow evaluation of the nominee's merits.


SBS Associate Professor Research Leave Grant

These grants are open to full-time tenure system SBS Associate Professors and are intended to promote the development and sustenance of research that will lead to promotion to Professor and continued scholarly achievement. Preference will be given to faculty who have been at the rank of Associate Professor for five or more years and those whose progress towards promotion has been constrained by significant service obligations.

The deadline for applications is October 14, 2022. We anticipate up to two grants per year. Ideally, this grant will be attached to a one-semester sabbatical, effectively providing the recipient with a full year’s leave and limiting the service burden on the department. Each grant recipient will receive:

  1. Semester-long release from teaching, with departments compensated by the college
  2. Departmental and college service leave for one semester
  3. A research stipend up to $3500


SBS Non-Tenure System Faculty Professional Development Grant

These grants are open to full-time faculty outside the tenure system and are intended to recognize past achievements in teaching, advising, leadership, and service and provide opportunities to further enhance success in these areas.

The deadline for applications is October 14, 2022. We anticipate at least eight grants per year, of up to $1,000 each from SBS, to be matched 1:1 by departments, for a total maximum grant of $2,000 per person. The grants can be used for conference attendance, curricular development, research related to teaching/advising, and other responsibilities related to the faculty member’s position.