The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Student Life

Annual Student Activities Expo

Student Affairs and Campus Life are a nationally-recognized team of student affairs educators dedicated to excellence, innovation, and social justice. They work with campus and community partners to support successful educational experiences both in and out of the classroom. Through their programs and services, you have the opportunity to explore your interests through a wide array of events and activities; connect with a diverse community of students, staff, and faculty; and be challenged to actively engage in building skills to preparing you to become strong and successful in the world beyond college.

Community Standards and Student Support
Learning also involves reflecting on decisions and improving decision-making skills. You are expected to maintain high standards of personal conduct, respect the rights of others, and participate actively in fostering the well-being of this unique educational community.

On and Off Campus Living
UMass Amherst has the third largest residential campus housing system in the U.S. Over 13,000 students live in 52 residence halls and the Commonwealth Residential Honors College, with separate accommodations for families and graduate students. Many of our students live off campus in the surrounding towns of Amherst, Hadley, and Sunderland.

Health and Safety
Keeping healthy, both in body and mind, is essential for being a successful student. From X-rays to acupuncture, finding the professional care services you need is just a telephone call or short walk away.

Student Engagement
At UMass Amherst, we strongly believe that meaningful learning experiences don’t end the moment the class is dismissed. There are literally hundreds of clubs and student organizations on campus for just about every interest and passion. Make the most of your college experience: get involved!

Inclusion and Advocacy
Everyone learns differently. Across campus are a host of resources to support the needs of all students, helping them reach their goals and realize their potential. Whether you’re just curious or eager to work toward promoting a cause, you’ll find a warm welcome and a library of resources available to feed your passions.