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SBS Pathways Stories

The integrated experience of SBS Pathways brings together a number of components: internships, study abroad, networking, meeting with advisors, and more. Of course, you will create your own pathway, choosing the curriculum and experiential opportunities that best suit you. Below are some examples of how students have embraced components of the Pathways philosophy.

University of Massachusetts Sustainable Community Development alum Michelle ChungMichelle Chung on Sustainable Community Development and being a campus leader

“I decided to come to UMass because of the major itself. The thing about SCD was the fact that it has sustainability built into the curriculum, and it’s at the crossroads of the social and scientific side of environmental work. When I found this major I thought, wow, it really resonated with me." Watch the video.

Meg Reynolds

After internship, anthropology major Meg Reynolds reflects towards future career

Recent graduate Meg Reynolds has broad interests, and her SBS Internship Award in 2017 helped her explore how they might work in her career path. An Anthropology major with minors in Art and Biology, she interned with the The Resistance Center For Peace And Justice. We caught up with her at the end of her senior year, and talked about her experience as an SBS Internship Awardee. Read More.

University of Massachusetts Legal Studies alum Sarah Carroll

Behind the Leader: Sarah Carroll ‘18

We met with Sarah Carroll ‘18 to talk about the work she does on campus in a leadership capacity. Sarah is a peer advisor in the SBS Pathways Center, and co-manager of the UMass Minuteman Marching Band. She was a primary coordinator for the band's trip to the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA in January 2018, where they marched for more than 700,000 spectators and 44 million television viewers. “For SBS students, if you’re ever in doubt, Thompson 128,” she says, namechecking the location of the SBS Pathways Center. Watch the video.

Stephanie Murray

Stephanie Murray has a story to tell

"My first internship was at the Lowell Sun in Lowell, MA. And my first article, it was going to rain in the middle of the week. And so I called up some local farmers to ask them if they were excited about it raining, and if it would help their strawberry crops. And it was like a silly article. But I worked really hard on it. And I was so excited when it got published. Amherst Wire's coverage of a protest after President Trump won the election in November actually got picked up by the Boston Globe. So one 15-second video can really get your story out and launch you." Watch the video.

Kabir Thatte

Kabir Thatte '16 is following the drumbeat of politics

"Back in 2012 when I was trying to decide between majors, I was caught in between this huge web of do I go into sciences, do I go into liberal arts? And as I went through college, I loved political science, everything I was doing it in. During the spring of my sophomore year through my connections from UMass, I got an internship at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. One of the coolest parts of my internship down at the U.S. Department of the Treasury was actually attending a reception at the White House held for President Hollande of France. I got to hear President Obama speak. I got to hear President Hollande speak. And I got to shake both their hands." Watch the video.

Brittany Justin '18 (Sociology) Lays the Foundation for Graduate School with Summer Internship

During Summer 2017, senior Brittany Justin (psychology/sociology) took another step in a lifelong path to her goal of working in the mental health profession. As a volunteer intern at the Lyme Disease Resource Center (LDRC) in Northampton, Justin worked to achieve the organization’s goal of being a resource for people with chronic Lyme Disease, their caregivers, and people recently diagnosed with the bacterial infection.

“My UMass experience definitely has been interconnected with my internship. I took Introduction to Social Work (SOCIOL 328) with Veronica Everett, and she did an amazing job at presenting students with lots of ethical scenarios and really gave us the opportunity to think about how we would handle these situations,” Justin explains. Read More

Communication Department Hosts Day of Alumni-Student Networking

Last fall, the UMass Amherst Department of Communication held a day packed with alumni events in its 2nd annual Alumni Office Hours. These office hours are geared toward helping students to understand the career possibilities with a communication degree. Students meet one-on-one with members of the Communication alumni advisory board, gain networking skills, learn about careers, and get advice on things like their LinkedIn profiles and resumes.

“Our alums are so invested in current students' professional development and in creating a proactive environment for their development; this is a great space for students to begin cultivating their network,” says Allison utler, Comm Lecturer and advisor. Read More

SBS Pathways Center Saves Time, Ensures Success

The ARC is an academic advising office on campus that serves students in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Thompson 128’s doors are open to students seeking advice on graduation and major requirements, internship and career guidance, study abroad opportunities, and much more. At the heart of ARC is the notion that all students come to college to explore and expand their horizons. The ARC exists to serve as a guide, providing students the academic support and advice they need during that ongoing process.

“Our job is to make everything available,” explains Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advising, Carolyn Bassett. “We live in a world of information overload so we don’t want students to waste their time looking for resources we have already identified. Let’s deliver some of the most valuable resources to students at times when they can really use them and show them what UMass has to offer.” Read More

Reif Larsen ’18 (Landscape Architecture) takes classroom knowledge into the field at internship

This summer, Reif Larsen ’18 (landscape architecture) interned in the Burlington, VT offices of SE Group, a landscape architecture and planning firm that works on a range of projects, specializing in recreation planning and design for communities and mountain resorts.

Larsen’s best advice for fellow students wanting an internship is to get started early, and network as much as possible. “Talk to your professors. Sign up for professional society memberships (BSLA, ASLA) and attend events. Put yourself out there and ask a lot of questions, and apply apply apply to everything. I got rejected a lot, and got a lot of tough criticism on my portfolio... and I'm glad I got that out of the way in college,” he says. Read More