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Senior Spotlight: Dianna Bronchuk Embraces Leadership at UMass

Dianna Bronchuk in pink sweater standing in front of Integrative Learning Center
Thursday, February 25, 2016

By Emilie Ferreira, SBS Associate Director of External Affairs for Communication & Events

Dianna Bronchuk has certainly made a name for herself on campus over these last four years: challenging the status quo, advocating for what she believes in, and planning the some of the most impressive student-run events on campus—including the Commencement Ball.

Bronchuk is graduating with a dual degree in Communication and Sociology, with a minor in Spanish. She is a member of theAcademic Leadership Fellows Program (ALFP), the Student Alumni Association, and the Communication Peer Advisors program, all organizations of which she will carry with her fond memories.

“With the ALFP, I’ve been able to learn more about what this campus has to offer,” says Bronchuk. “Jackie Brousseau-Pereira, ALFP Advisor, always comes in with an agenda of amazing programs and they’re always so interesting. I’ve learned about scholarship opportunities both as a student and as an alumna, and I’ve learned from professors from other departments on campus that I never would have been able to hear speak had I not gotten involved with ALFP.”

Additionally, Bronchuk works with the Student Alumni Association where she is currently the Vice President of Traditions and the coordinator of this year’s Commencement Ball—one of the the largest student-run events on campus. The Commencement Ball takes place in the Mullins Center with over 2,500 students.

Bronchuk is also a member of VOX UMass: Students for Reproductive Justice. “We’re an activist group supporting reproductive health, feminism, and topics that people don’t usually have conversations about,” she explains. “It’s really a great space for students to talk about what’s bothering them, what’s been in the news lately, which candidates are doing something about healthcare, etc. We have one big event a year that I co-produce. This year, it is a performance showcasing student-submitted work that speaks on a variety of different voices and topics.”

Bronchuk praises the Global Education Requirement of SBS because it afforded her the opportunity to study abroad for six months in Seville, Spain. She was then able to backpack through Europe and spend two weeks with her sister, 2012 UMass SBS graduate Claire Bronchuk, who has been teaching English in Japan.

“SBS has allowed me to learn about the world in a global context; more importantly, how the United States interacts with other cultures,” she says. “One of the things SBS promotes is cultivating diverse and open-minded students. Because of SBS, I’ve had successful interviews that landed me two internships, I have a global perspective on world issues, I’m able to open dialogue without misrepresenting cultures or ethnicities that aren’t my own, and I’ve grown into someone who knows how to interpret situations in a mature way. I now know how to recognize factual, credible news sources. I have also become more aware of the harmful effects of the misrepresentations of people in the media. This has been a strong message in SBS that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.”

Bronchuk advises students to get as involved as they can. “To echo Dean Lange from my New Student Orientation four years ago, ‘make this campus smaller’. The only way to do that is to get involved. This is a big campus, but you’re never going to find another place like this, and I’ve traveled the world.”

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