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SBS Students look back on enriching summer internships

Friday, August 31, 2018

As the summer of 2018 is winding down and coming to an end, many SBS students are returning to the classroom after enriching summer internships in a variety of fields. From marine underwriting and business operations, to learning how to be a journalist in the field, each student featured below has immersed themselves in a new experience, gaining valuable skills in the process. Read on as they share their internship stories:

Erik J. Monteagudo, Resource Economics ’19, Intern at Starr Marine Inc.

Q: How was your internship experience and what advice would you give to other students?

A: My summer internship had me diving right into the Marine Underwriting world. I’ve learned a lot about insurance and what it has to offer. My advice to other students is to make a lot of connections, because they will greatly help in the long run.

Erik Monteagudo '19

Ainsley Brosnan-Smith, Masters in Public Policy, Intern at US Forest Service

Q: How has your internship been useful?

A: I have learned how the federal government conserves our national forests to ensure they are accessible for future generations. This position has provided a hands-on wilderness experience that will help me in making sensible future decisions in the arena of environment and policy. 

Evan Weinreb, Economics, ‘21, Congressional intern to Congresswoman Niki Tsongas from the 3rd district of Massachusetts

Q: Tell us more about your internship experience:

A: I conducted policy research & analysis on a multitude of issues from drafting letters, to calling constituents, and providing general administrative support to all staff members. In short, I learned about the politics and institutions that affect Massachusetts and the country on a national level. I also visited these institutions including local conservation groups, community colleges, and local politicians.

Lily Tang, Political Science ‘21, Intern for Mikie Sherrill for Congress Campaign

Q: Tell us more about your internship experience and what did you learn?

A: I interned for Mikie Sherrill’s campaign for the House of Representatives in NJ district 11- a district that had a Republican House representative for over a decade! She has a huge chance in flipping this district. From this internship I learned about field organizing and engaging with voters. I led phone banks and canvassing as well as working with volunteers.

Sophia Nguyen

Sophia Nguyen, Resource Economics ‘20, Intern at The Hartford

Q: What did your internship expose you to?

A: I worked alongside Hartford Investment Management Co. (HIMCO)’s Business Operations team to gain exposure to a broad array of asset classes and business support functions. Another part of my internship was to prepare for my capstone project presentation on the topic of securities lending during volatile markets. This is a picture of me and the company’s mascot, Larry the Stag.

Nathaniel Reynolds, Political Science ‘21, Intern at Massachusetts House of Representatives

Q: What did you learn during your internship?

A: This summer I worked for Representative Paul McMurtry, my local state representative and the Chairman of the House Committee on Personnel and Administration. From performing community service within my district, to observing day-to-day operations of the office of a legislator inside the Massachusetts State House, I learned how government actually functions and how legislators work for their constituents every day. This behind-the-scenes experience was an invaluably insightful complement to my Political Science studies.

Elissa Borden

David LeBlanc, Resource Economics ‘19, Intern at MAPFRE Insurance

Q: What did you learn during your internship?

A: At MAPFRE Insurance, I learned how to apply the quantitative methods learned in the classroom to actual projects. I was an intern in the National Underwriting Department, where it was my responsibility to design, build, and deploy databases to store company information securely and efficiently. Something I learned while there was the importance of networking; half of the value I found in the internship was the ability to easily network with my fellow interns and established professionals in the company. 

Elissa Borden, Journalism ‘19, Intern at WPRI-TV 12

Q: How was your internship experience and what advice would you give to other students?

A: I had a great time at WPRI this summer, writing scripts, editing packages, and even reporting my own stories! Don’t be afraid to ask if there’s anything you can do, and get close to your superiors! It opens more doors than you think.

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