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Jamie Rowen Outlines 8 Ways Veterans are At Risk of Coronavirus in 'The Conversation'

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

-- via The Conversation

Jamie Rowen, Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Political Science.From the elderly who are facing deadly outbreaks in nursing homes to communities of color facing higher infection and death rates, different groups face different challenges from the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the most hard-hit are veterans, who are particularly susceptible to both health and economic threats from the pandemic. These veterans face homelessness, lack of health care, delays in receiving financial support and even death.

I have spent the past four years studying veterans with substance use and mental health disorders who are in the criminal justice system. This work revealed gaps in health care and financial support for veterans, even though they have the best publicly funded benefits in the country.

Here are the eight ways the pandemic threatens veterans. Read more...