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Heintz (Economics) to Speak at International Monetary Fund’s Annual Meeting

James Heintz
Monday, October 3, 2016

James Heintz, Andrew Glyn Professor of Economics, will speak as a member of a panel called “Making Macroeconomics Work for Women” at the International Monetary Fund’s annual meeting in Washington on Wednesday, Oct. 5.

The event will be webcast.

Heintz has worked on collaborative projects with numerous national and international institutions, including the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the International Labor Organization, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the United Nations Development Program, the Human Development Report Office, the South African Human Rights Commission, the International Development Research Center (Canada), and UN-Women.

His policy work has included work in developing countries, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, including Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, the Gambia, Madagascar, and South Africa.

The U.N. secretary general recently established a High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment to address the most persistent gender gaps that “constrain women’s rights and hinder economic growth and productivity.” The heads of both the IMF and the World Bank are members, along with prominent voices from civil society, academia and business.

Using recommendations from the High Level Panel and recent IMF research as a background, this session on Wednesday will explore how macroeconomic policy should be used as a tool to advance women’s economic empowerment and equality.