Winter 2018 UMass Amherst Innovate@ Symposium

Innovate@ Umass
Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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The Innovate@ collaborative symposium, under the direction of Dr. Alyson Gill, Associate Provost for Instructional Innovation, is open to all full-time UMass Amherst faculty.

This symposium is focused on the faculty experience, and will include UMass Faculty Innovation Fellows as presenters alongside us.

As we move towards new innovations and engagement mechanisms in the classroom, these symposia provide a unique opportunity to have hands-on instruction, to work with colleagues, and then try out the tools. Symposia members will also become part of an innovation think tank as Innovation Fellows that will be brought together to consider new instructional innovations throughout the academic year.The Winter 2018 Symposium is offered January 8-11 from 9 – 3 p.m. Lunch will be provided each day.

Planned topics for each day include new ways to structure student collaboration and teamwork, techniques and tools for assigning media creation projects, increasing student engagement and providing new ways to deliver course content. The symposia will also give faculty previews of new technologies being piloted in 2017–18.

Space is limited to 15 faculty per session. The application deadline is Friday, December 8 and faculty will be notified of their placement in the session by Tuesday, December 12.

Participation in this symposium is supported by a $500 stipend, and faculty agree to deploy one new tool used in the symposium in one of their courses, attend a post-symposium session during the academic year to share their experiences, and to be part of an instructional innovation working group on campus. These symposia are collaborations between TEFD, the UMass Libraries, and UMass IT.

If you have questions about this symposium please contact Alyson Gill, Associate Provost for Instructional Innovation or Olga Kyle, Special Projects and Video Coordinator.

(Applications for this cycle are closed)


Symposium Dates

January 8-11, 2018. 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. with lunch provided.

How it Works

  • Attend an Innovate@ Symposium.
  • Implement one tool from the symposium into a course during 2017-18 or 2017-18.
  • Participate along with students in an assessment of the efficacy of this tool
  • Attend a 1/2 day retreat on campus in May 2018 to discuss the impact of the tools and lessons learned.
  • Serve as a member of a new instructional innovation think tank throughout the 2017-18 year and beyond (meeting 1-2 times throughout the year)


We are interested in bringing together a broad range of faculty who have different experience levels. These symposia are particularly suitable for faculty who are trying to solve a particular problem in their course (student engagement, retention, personalization, visualization of data). All levels of technical experience are welcome. Space is limited in each session to 15.


A stipend of $500 will be transferred to the participant’s home department for use by the faculty member. To encourage SBS faculty to become Fellows in this program, the College offers a $500 matching stipend to that offered by the program. 

More Details About the Innovate@ Symposia

The 2016-17 Innovation Fellows  – includes reports and videos by the fellows on their projects.

Questions about the symposia should be directed to Alyson Gill, Associate Provost for Instructional Innovation.