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Social Science Matters: Perspectives on Migration

Latino protesters in front of the white house asking for immigration reform
Monday, August 1, 2016

This speaker series showcases the contributions of various social science disciplines to pressing current societal issues.

This year's theme features experts discussing policy and intellectual questions around migration, including how U.S. immigration policy will be impacted by the current administration and the humanitarian crisis of the current worldwide refugee movement.

Ideology and Evidence in the Making of US Immigration Policy
January 25, 11:30am  |  Amherst Room, UMass Campus Center
Douglas Massey, professor of Sociology at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and adjunct professor of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. 
Sponsors: Sociology & PEP

The Uncertain Geographic Context Problem: Implications for Population and Health Research
February 16, 4:00pm  |  Procopio Room 170, Design Building
Mei-Po Kwan, professor of Geography and Geographic Information Science, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Sponsors: LARP & ISSR

Border Walls and the Politics of Becoming Non-Human
March 2, 4:00pm |  ILC Communication Hub
Miriam Ticktin, Associate Professor of Anthropology & Co-Director of Zolberg Institute for Migration and Mobility, The New School
Sponsor: Anthropology

Sanctuary and Undocumented Students: Articulating a Role for the Public University
March 7, 4:00pm |  ILC Communication Hub
Karma Chávez, Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, Dept. of Mexican American & Latina/o Studies, University of Texas-Austin
Sponsor: Communication

Global Deportation: The Rise of a Dangerous New Phenomenon (Annual ISI Residency Public Lecture)
March 22, 4:00pm  |  Old Chapel
Daniel Kanstroom, Professor of Law, Thomas F. Carney Distinguished Scholar, Director of the International Human Rights Program, and an Associate Director of the Boston College Center for Human Rights and International Justice, Boston College
Sponsors: Political Science, Legal Studies, CLACLS, ISI

White Supremacy in the Age of Terror
March 29, 4:30pm  |  Bernie Dallas Room, Goodell Hall
Junaid Rana, Associate Professor of Asian American Studies and Anthropology, and the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Sponsor: STPEC

An Evening with Antonio Vargas
April 11, 4:00pm  |  Student Union Ballroom
Jose Antonio Vargas, Journalist, Filmmaker, Civil Rights Activist, and Founder & CEO of Define American
Sponsor: Journalism

Critical Refugee Studies and the "Nation of Immigrants" Narrative
April 19, 11:30 AM | Thompson Hall 620
Yến Lê Espiritu, Distinguished Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of California, San Diego
Sponsor: Sociology

Still a Nation of Immigrants?
April 25, 4:00pm  |  Bernie Dallas Room, Goodell Hall
Susan Martin, Donald G. Herzberg Professor Emerita of International Migration, Georgetown University
Sponsor: Public Policy

Speakers from Fall 2016

Basque Inaugural Symposium: Along for the Ride – Interpreting the Migrant Story
September 26, 5:00pm  |  Hadley Room, UMass Campus Center
William Douglass founded the Basque Studies Program and has had a long career of both ethnographic and historical work tracing the demographic patterns, economic causes and lived experience of Basque migration across the world. He is known for his book “Global Vasconia: essays on the Basque diaspora”, among other earlier classics. 

Welcome and introductory comments by Katherine Newman, UMass Amherst Provost; Mari Jose Olaziregi, Director, University Relations, Etxepare Institute; and Jacqueline Urla, Chair, Department of Anthropology
Sponsor: Anthropology

Gender & Migration in the context of U.S. Immigration Policy: Implications for the 2016 Election
September 27, 4:30pm  |  UMass Campus Center Room 805
Caroline Brettell, University Distinguished Professor and Ruth Collins Altshuler Director of the Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute at Southern Methodist University
Sponsor: Anthropology

The Max & Ruth Freedman Lecture: We Wanted Workers – A Discussion of the Economic Impacts of Immigration
September 29,  5:00pm  |  Bernie Dallas Room, Goodell Hall
George Borjas, Professor of Economics and Social Policy, Harvard University.
Jenny Hunt, Professor of Economics, Rutgers University
Sponsor: Economics and Resource Economics

Immigration Attitudes: Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, Gender & Voting/Partisanship
October 20, 4:00pm  |  Bernie Dallas Room, Goodell Hall
Jane Junn, Political Science Profesor, University of Southern California 
Sponsor: Political Science

Telling the Refugee Story Digitally: Advocacy & Communication Technology
October 25, 4:30pm  |  Integrative Learning Center, 3rd Floor Communication Hub
Claire Wardle, former Communications Director for UNHCR U.S.
Sponsor: Communication

Refugees and the Immigration Crisis: Journalism Tackles Immigration into the US & EU
November 10, 2016, 4:00pm  |  Integrative Learning Center, 3rd Floor Communication Hub
Giovanna Dell’Orto, Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota|
Sponsor: Journalism