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"East Africa has weathered pandemics — and has a few things to teach the U.S.," says Charli Carpenter in 'The Washington Post'

Friday, May 8, 2020

Charli Carpenter, professor of political science.-- via Washington Post

The current pandemic won’t be the last the world faces. And while it is functionally too late for the United States to do anything but fight its way through the coronavirus crisis, it can start to look for examples of better ways to deal with the next one.

Those ways can be found in East Africa.

It’s easy to look toward South Korea and Taiwan for examples. High-tech societies — with a cultural bias toward such transmission-blocking behaviors as wearing masks, a history of strong direction by central governments, and the resources to deploy testing and contact tracking on a massive scale — have been highly successful at containing the virus. Less noticed is how well other countries are doing relative to the United States, including many in East Africa. Read more...