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Carol Sharick receives 2019 Chancellor’s Citation Award

Carol SharickCarol Sharick, Director of Career and Professional Development
Thursday, May 9, 2019

Carol Sharick, Director of Career and Professional Development in the UMass College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS), has been recognized for outstanding performance with the 2019 Chancellor’s Citation Award.

This award recognizes employees who help the university achieve its goals and objectives through original contributions to the university, attainment of high-priority university objectives, performance “beyond the call of duty” and/or achievement of significant improvements in productivity or savings in university operations.

“Carol’s dedication to students is the true hallmark of all her work. She has made an extraordinary contribution to SBS and the University.”


Carol has been at SBS since 2015, serving as the inaugural Director of Career and Professional Development. When she arrived, SBS students were served by university-wide career services, which were not large enough to offer significant attention to our 5,000 SBS majors. “We believed our students deserved the dedicated attention that professional schools offer, and accordingly have invested in their success”, notes John A. Hird, Dean of SBS. Since then, Carol has established a dedicated career and professional development center for SBS students that prepares them to discover and develop skills for their chosen career path.

Through innovative and high-impact programs such as SBS Shadows, SBS in DC and SBS in Boston, students are able to access opportunities that help them develop marketable skills, and learn to solve complex problems in real-world environments. “Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and will go in many different directions when they graduate. Wherever they’ve come from and wherever they are headed, our goal is to provide opportunities for them to understand what they care about and are good at, to explore their career options, to build the skills they need to be successful, and to connect with alumni and employers/organizations in the professional world,” Carol explains. “We do this through internship programs, site visits, shadowing opportunities, on campus panels, etc. Students who engage with us throughout their time at UMass will gain the confidence to successfully embark on whatever comes after UMass,” she adds.

“Carol’s dedication to students is the true hallmark of all her work,” says Julie Caswell, Senior Associate Dean for Education & Student Development in SBS. “The launching of all the initiatives she has created has meant long hours, nights, and weekends. She has made an extraordinary contribution to SBS and the University,” she adds.

This year, seven staff members, three teams of employees and ten student employees have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the university. They have been presented the Chancellor’s Citation Award by Chancellor Kumble R. Subbaswamy at a reception held on May 2nd.