Student's Internships Are "Win-Win"

Kabir Thatte in front of the White House

Kabir Thatte attended a reception at the White House for President Francois Hollande during his internship this spring at the U.S. Treasury.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Kabir Thatte ’16 (political science) knows the value of internships. Although he is only a sophomore, he has already interned with Congressman Joe Kennedy III, Joe Kennedy for Congress, the Town of Medfield, and the United States Department of the Treasury in Washington, D.C.

“Internships are gateways into the true experience of working a job,” he says. “They are a win-win situation. You receive credits while building professional skill sets.” But internships can also be difficult to manage. “I know how distressing finances can be,” says Thatte. “Internships are no cheap options....But money invested into funding  an internship is just that: an investment.”

Internships provide unique opportunities for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to the real-world, to hone workplace skills, and to open doors for other professional opportunities. Since working at the Treasury, for instance, Thatte has had the opportunity to network with some of our country’s political elites. He even attended a reception at the White House by invitation of President Obama and the First Lady.

“I had the pleasure of attending a White House reception for the President of France, Francois Hollande,” says Thatte. “I was so giddy the morning of the event that I almost forgot to put on a suit before I left my house!” Thatte described a military band playing the French National Anthem and the Star Spangled Banner, as well as a “humorous and inspiring speech” by President Obama about the country’s alliance and friendship with France. “While I didn't have the chance to personally speak with the President,” Thatte says, “I'm definitely not ruling that option out in the future.”

Indeed, Thatte will be in Washington through the end of the spring semester, so he has several weeks left to attain that goal. But even if he leaves DC without a conversation with the President, he takes pride in knowing he will leave the city with very demonstrable skills and experiences for his resume. As a Treasury Intern, for instance, Thatte serves as part of Secretary Jack Lew’s front office staff, he has learned how to pay strict attention to detail, by managing a daily agenda and by building briefing books for the Secretary. “Every single day of being in the Treasury, I feel that I am making a visible difference,” he says. “That in and of itself gives me confidence and makes me proud to serve in the position that I do.”

Thatt also knows the experience is laying a foundation for a successful professional future: “Ultimately, internships are a great way to showcase your talents to extraordinary people who will either give you a fantastic recommendation or remember you when a future position is available,” he says. “The overall importance of practical experience can never be overstated.”