Instructional Improvement and Innovation Grant Program

--This program is on hiatus for 2015. The program described below was in effect in 2014--

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences announces the availability of grants for instructional improvement and innovation. The purpose is to provide grants up to a total of $2,000, including a 1-1 match from other sources, to full-time SBS faculty who wish to pursue opportunities to increase their effectiveness as instructors, either individually or in small groups. The ultimate goal of the program is to improve the quality of student learning within the College by means of innovative approaches.

Application Process and Funding Priorities

• Funding decisions will be based on a short narrative (1-2 single-spaced pages) describing how the funds will be used and how the grant will result in the improved quality of student learning.

• Top priority will be given to proposals that seek to develop and incorporate new or innovative approaches to teaching and learning, and ones that will make a lasting impact on instructional quality. SBS also prioritizes the development of instructional methods and technologies that can be applied to other courses and disciplines.

Typical requests that will receive priority include funding to support:

  • Innovative revisions to courses or innovative activities to improve teaching and learning
  • Strategies to provide students with timely feedback on learning
  • Strategies to develop and evaluate core student competencies, such as technical skills, global perspectives, teamwork, etc.
  • Use of new technologies to evaluate student learning
  • Use of new technologies to encourage more interactive, collaborative forms of learning
  • Professional development opportunities such as webinars or conferences specifically oriented to instruction and student learning
  • Collaboration with a graduate or undergraduate student hired to assist with development of new course materials and systems
  • Computer software or multi-media equipment to provide innovative delivery of course materials, e.g., Camtasia video capture

 All requests should be supported by a specific description of how they will improve student learning and the particular uses to which they will be put.