Conti Fellowship Nomination

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Samuel F. Conti Faculty Fellowship Awards consist of a cash award of $3,000 and a year's leave of absence to encourage award recipients to concentrate on activities related to graduate education, research, creative work and scholarly attainment.

Qualifications for Conti Fellowship

Selection of the awardees will be based on demonstrably outstanding accomplishment and potential for continued excellence in research and scholarly or creative activity. Awards will be recommended by a committee of prior Conti recipients serving on the University Research Council as well as a balance of representation as needed. Recommendations will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement for approval. Names of those receiving awards will be announced in late spring. If you wish to explore qualifications further, one avenue is to examine the awardees.

Nomination Procedure

  • Each year the Office of Research Affairs (ORA) publishes deadlines for submission of nominations to the Dean's Office (usually early December) and for the final submission to the ORA (usually early January) - see current details here. Because there is only one month between these dates—and much of that time is during intersession—departments should not wait until final notice from the Dean's Office before beginning to compile materials for the award.
  • Before the deadline, department heads/chairs should consult with elected Personnel Committees to select names of nominees to be addressed to Jennifer Lundquist, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, along with a CV and short nomination letter for each nominee from the Department Chair. Please submit all nominations to Tracy Tudryn, dean's assistant.
  • If there are more nominees for awards than may go forward from the College, the Associate Dean will notify the College's Personnel Committee and it will meet to provide recommendations to the Dean. The Dean will make the final determination and notify the appropriate departments or individuals, at which time the full application materials for the VCRE are completed.
  • In January, the Dean will submit to the VCRE, c/o Christine Burnett, 362 Whitmore Administration Building, at least two nominations of faculty members up to a maximum of a rounded 1% of their respective faculties when those exceed 200.
  • Each nomination will be accompanied by a brief statement (not to exceed 1,000 words) from the candidate on how released time would be put to scholarly use, a complete curriculum vitae, (supporting letters from the nominee's department head) and a list of no more than five referees and their contact information (including email addresses) from whom our office will request recommendation letters.
  • Pursuant to a rules change effective FY87 the present nominating procedures and qualifications for Faculty Fellowships have been retained with the understanding that other nominations, including self-nominations, may be sent directly to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement (before December 5th), which in turn will be sent to nominee's Dean for recommendation. Self-nominations should include a brief description of how the released time will be used, a curriculum vitae and a letter in support of the nomination from a colleague.

July 21, 2015