The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Family Research Scholars

The Family Research Scholars program seeks to build lasting and productive connections among researchers of varying disciplines. Our hope is that each faculty member realizes the possibility and reality of a long-lasting career in family research. Since 2003, The Center for Research on Families has offered the groundbreaking Family Research Scholars Program, a year-long interdisciplinary faculty seminar that provides a carefully selected group of UMass Amherst faculty the opportunities for peer mentorship, and national expert consultation to prepare a large grant proposal in support of their research.

Details and Guidelines

Aida Villanueva MontalvoSociology2022-23
Joshua KaiserSociology2021-22
Devon GreysonCommunication2019-20
Mark PachuckiSociology2018-19
Jamie RowenPolitical Science2017-18
Brigitte HoltAnthropology2016-17
Sylvia BrandtResource Economics and School of Public Policy2015-16
Tatishe NtetaPolitical Science2014-15
Joya MisraSociology2013-14
Fareen ParvezSociology2012-13
Elizabeth KrauseAnthropology2011-12
Angélica BernalPolitical Science2011-12
Wenona Rymond-RichmondSociology2009-10
Krista HarperAnthropology2008-09
Lynnette SievertAnthropology2008-09
Dean RobinsonPolitical Science2007-08
Michelle BudigSociology2006-07
Brenda BushousePolitical Science2006-07
Jennifer LundquistPolitical Science2006-07
Leda CooksCommunication2005-06
Julie HemmentAnthropology2005-06
Lee BadgettEconomics and School of Public Policy2004-05
Sanjiv GuptaSociology2004-05
Joya MisraSociology2004-05
Lynnette SievertAnthropology2004-05
Richard TesslerSociology2004-05
Dan ClawsonSociology2003-04
Naomi GerstelSociology2003-04
Erica ScharrerCommunication2003-04