The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Planning Data and Resources

The SBS Dean's Office has produced a variety of data and resources to help support SBS department and program planning and decision-making. Below are links to Box folders and examples of files that can help Chairs, Directors, faculty, and staff quickly find useful information including, but not limited to, department budgets, course scheduling, enrollments, and demographics.

Budget and Finance
(Department dashboards, CPE revenues, state allocations)

Enrollment Management
(Enrollment management guide, course enrollments, course distribution grids)

Headcounts and Demographics
(Enrollment profiles, degrees awarded, faculty and staff headcounts)

Strategic Plans
(Campus, SBS, and departmental strategic plans)

In addition to the folders above, SBS has also created a Data Guide. If you have any questions or requests related to planning data and resources, contact Saulo DePaula, Associate Director of Data Analytics and Events.

Other useful sources of data and resources at UMass Amherst include:

University Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR): UAIR, formerly the Office of Institutional Research (OIR), provides information and analysis that supports the decision-making process, complies with reporting requirements of external agencies, and responds to ad hoc requests for information. Many of the official statistics about the campus, and Academic Affairs in particular, are reported by UAIR. Commonly searched data provided by UAIR include:

Office of Academic Planning and Assessment (OAPA)OAPA supports the University’s assessment and evaluation priorities by marshaling evidence and promoting a culture of evidence in line with the University’s Strategic Plan. In addition to providing direction and consultation on campus-wide and department-based student learning assessment, OAPA supports intentional improvement by contributing evidence for the strategic planning process and designing and directing survey and evaluation research projects across campus.

SPIRESPIRE is the University's secure online student information system. SPIRE is a multifunctional resource for students, staff, and faculty, providing a broad range of services. The SPIRE Query Viewer allows authorized users to run pre-built queries, view results online, and download data. There is a vast and growing list of queries, including lists of students in a specific major/college, within a specific academic standing, or who received a specific grade in a given semester, amongst countless others.

Student Success Collaborative NAVIGATE (SSC NAVIGATE): SSC NAVIGATE is a retention and persistence platform. Provided within the platform are a variety of tools to proactively advise, monitor student success, and evaluate performance/interaction trends for students. SSC NAVIGATE also offers student appointment scheduling, proactive appointment-based outreach, event check-in, tracking of student interactions/documenting student interactions, reporting and analytics, and early alert and referral pathways.