The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Work-Life Balance

UMass Amherst is listed among the Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Great Colleges to Work For."

In SBS, we believe that faculty members who have healthy lives outside of the workplace will be happier and more successful in their academic careers. The University of Massachusetts Amherst has been on the cutting edge in supporting work-life balance – and was scored in the top 90% of universities in the COACHE survey of public research-intensive universities for making having and raising children compatible with the tenure-track, and well as being listed among the Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Great Colleges to Work For."

Investing in faculty is a long-term proposition. Over the course of their career nearly all faculty will at some point need flexibility to adjust the balance between their academic and personal lives for the birth of a child, personal illness or disability, or the illness or death of a spouse or partner, parent, or other relative. UMass Amherst has created paid leave policies and stop-the-tenure-clock policies to support faculty in these situations. In addition, the university offers on-site childcare and new faculty receive subsidized childcare. SBS offers childcare at many of our college events and we support the University’s partner employment program for faculty.