The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Promotion to Senior Lecturer

The Basics

  • Eligible for promotion to Senior Lecturer I after six years of full-time equivalent service as an instructor or lecturer (or other position excluding student employment, with duties and responsibilities substantially the same as Lecturer), will be eligible for consideration for promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer.
  • Eligible for promotion to Senior Lecturer II after six years of full-time equivalent service as Senior Lecturer (or similar position).
  • Meritorious performance in the area(s) of the individual’s responsibility.
  • Promise of continuing professional development and achievement.

Because there is so much variation across campus with respect to lecturers’ job responsibilities, it is especially important to provide a detailed job description of the individual’s job responsibilities and/or course load over the time period in which they are being evaluated. 

The applicant should provide a personal statement detailing their job description, either as described in the hiring letter or in subsequent evolution of the position’s departmental role, and showing how they have achieved points #3 and #4. They should provide a current CV and any other materials that support their case. If a primary job task is teaching, for example, then the full SRTI quantitative and qualitative teaching evaluations and syllabi from at least the last five years should be uploaded onto the APWS system. It is also preferable to create an overall table summarizing courses taught each semester, class size, and average SRTI scores. Including the full qualitative comments from SRTIs that capture elements of teaching and learning not seen in the quantitative scores are strongly encouraged, as is any record of student mentorship and advising outside the classroom.

If the candidate wishes to have letters of evaluation from scholars, students or professionals from inside or outside the University, the candidate supplies a list of such evaluators to the department head or chair. The head or chair solicits evaluations from the individuals suggested by the candidate and may solicit evaluations from other students, scholars and professionals.