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Faculty Resources

We care about providing mentorship opportunities, ensuring a healthy work-life balance, easing the tenure process, and supporting excellent research, resources for which are linked below.

For questions regarding faculty resources and opportunities, contact Jennifer Lundquist, Senior Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development.

Available Resources

Faculty Resilience During COVID-19

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences has gathered resources to enable quick access to information for navigating faculty life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit this page for information about IT Support, Zoom best practices and security measures, internal and external funding opportunities, and more.

What to do when you experience a conflict with a student or colleague?

Sometimes faculty may experience conflict or negative experiences in the workplace or classroom. Faculty often first approach their mentors or their departmental chairs to confidentially discuss these issues before deciding whether to take additional steps. Sometimes faculty then decide to engage one or more of the following campus resources, which provide services ranging from confidential consultations, to mediation, or to grievance investigations.

Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office assists faculty and staff members with a broad range of concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Listening to your concerns and questions without judgment.
  • Discussuing resolution options.
  • Providing an impartial perspective.
  • Opening avenues of communication
  • Helping you navigate campus bureaucracy and understand University policies and procedures.
  • Tracking patterns of conflict and fairness challenges on campus.
  • Suggesting resources and making referrals.

Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EO&D) administers internal discrimination grievance procedures and conducts investigations relative to affirmative action and equal opportunity complaints. They also oversee disability services and Title IX.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is a free and confidential counseling, consultation, and referral service that assists employees in resolving personal, work-related, and family problems.

The Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Massachusetts Society of Professors (MSP) is a local union affiliated with the Massachusetts Teachers Association on the state level and with the National Education Association on the national level – the result of an overwhelming majority vote at the Amherst and Boston campuses of UMass in 1976. The union provides security and stability for faculty and librarians and assures them a voice in the operation of the University. It helps us obtain higher and fairer salaries; it protects us from arbitrary and unjust administrative decisions; it guards our academic freedom and professional integrity; it advocates for well-funded and affordable public higher education; and it aids us in maintaining a stable workload, one that allows us to do our jobs most effectively. The overall result is a better educational institution, a better place for students, a better place for us to work.

SBS Awards for Faculty

SBS provides a variety of faculty awards and grants throughout the year, including the following:

SBS Outstanding Mentor Award

The SBS Outstanding Mentor Award recognizes and encourages faculty who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to mentorship of students. The intent of the award is to celebrate faculty who have effectively guided students at UMass individually or more broadly through the creation of mentoring communities or building infrastructure for the mentorship of graduate students and/or undergraduate students. Award recipients will receive an award of $1000.

SBS Outstanding Research Award

The SBS Outstanding Research Award was introduced in the spring of 2016 and recognizes distinguished achievement in scholarship and research. Award recipients will receive a $1,000 prize and a plaque at an SBS event.

SBS Outstanding Teaching Award

The SBS Outstanding Teaching Award was instituted in 1995 to augment the University Distinguished Teaching Award by recognizing a larger number of talented teachers within SBS. Candidates for the SBS Outstanding Teaching Award are nominated by their peers and selected by the SBS Outstanding Teaching Award Committee, which is chaired by the Senior Associate Dean for Education and Student Development.

SBS Associate Professor Research Leave Grant

These awards are open to full-time tenure system SBS Associate Professors and are intended to promote the development and sustenance of research that will lead to promotion to Professor and continued scholarly achievement. Preference will be given to faculty who have been at the rank of Associate Professor for five or more years and those whose progress towards promotion has been constrained by significant service obligations.

SBS Non-Tenure System Faculty Professional Development Grant

These awards are open to full-time faculty outside the tenure system and are intended to recognize past achievements in teaching, advising, leadership, and service and provide opportunities to further enhance success in these areas.

SBS Faculty Grants

Research Support Grants are intended for generating new research activity. Up to $7,000 per Principal Investigator. Up to $14,000 with two PIs from SBS. Faculty should review the Research Support Grant details prior to applying. 

SBS Senior Lecturer Professional Improvement Fellowship

The SBS Senior Lecturer Professional Improvement Fellowship provides a one-semester release for select non-tenure-track faculty in the College who have achieved the rank of Senior Lecturer or above, to engage in professional improvement activities that directly relate to their job responsibilities and/or advance important initiatives of the College or their department.