Professional Resources

We are dedicated to supporting our faculty and providing resources and opportunities to help them succeed. We care about providing mentorship opportunities, ensuring a healthy work-life balance, easing the tenure process, and supporting excellent research, resources for which can be linked to on the left hand side of this page. 

Sometimes faculty may experience conflict or negative experiences in the workplace or classroom. Faculty often first approach their mentors or their departmental chairs to confidentially discuss these issues before deciding whether to take additional steps. Sometimes faculty then decide to engage one or more of the following campus resources, which provide services ranging from confidential consultations, to mediation, or to grievance investigations.

If you have suggestions for resources to include on this page that you would benefit from, please contact us.

Workplace Learning and Development 

WL&D provides a full range of services to UMass Amherst departments, individuals and work groups with the goal of enhancing both effectiveness and the quality of work life. 

  • Coaching
  • Consultation
  • Customized Workshops
  • Meeting and Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Respectful Workplace Resources
  • Conflict Resolution Support

Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office assists faculty members with a broad range of concerns, including but not limited to:

  • academic honesty
  • academic grievances
  • inter- and intra-departmental disputes
  • faculty-student conflicts
  • classroom civility
  • intellectual property
  • and discrimination/harassment

Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EO&D) administers internal discrimination grievance procedures and conducts investigations relative to affirmative action and equal opportunity complaints. They also oversee disability services and Title IX.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is a free and confidential counseling, consultation, and referral service that assists employees in resolving personal, work-related, and family problems.

Bias Reporting & Crisis Support

UMass community members have the right not to be discriminated against by any university agent or organization for any reason, including age, creed, disability, ethnic or national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, political or social affiliation, race, religion, or sexual orientation. All members of the UMass Amherst community are asked to actively foster an appreciation for diversity by not tolerating bias-related acts. While we hope you may never have to use them, UMass has several methods through which you can report an incident of bias or receive support, which are provided on the Diversity Matters webpage.

If you are not looking to report a specific incident and instead are looking for support systems or someone to talk to, please visit the UMatter@UMass website. They have compiled a comprehensive list of organizations and resources on campus to help you through any difficult situation. 

The Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Massachusetts Society of Professors (MSP) is a local union affiliated with the Massachusetts Teachers Association on the state level and with the National Education Association on the national level -- the result of an overwhelming majority vote at the Amherst and Boston campuses of UMass in 1976. The union provides security and stability for faculty and librarians, and assures them a voice in the operation of the University. It helps us obtain higher and fairer salaries; it protects us from arbitrary and unjust administrative decisions; it guards our academic freedom and professional integrity; it advocates for well-funded and affordable public higher education; and it aids us in maintaining a stable workload, one that allows us to do our jobs most effectively. The overall result is a better educational institution, a better place for students, a better place for us to work.