The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Faculty at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Professor of Anthropology, Sonya Atalay

The bedrock of SBS is our impassioned, inspired, and intellectually diverse faculty. We’re renowned for innovative and interactive teaching methods and our ability to introduce research into the classroom. Our emphasis is teaching students to not only observe the world with a critical eye, but to engage with it in meaningful ways. In a large university setting, our classes are typically small, with a student/professor ratio of 16:1.

We are devoted to supporting our faculty, offering mentoring, embedded communities, internal research grants, workshops, and a work-life balance. 


Our faculty is comprised of experts, scholars, researchers, and practitioners who are highly skilled and motivated. SBS has the highest percentage of American minority faculty of any college at UMass. Faculty is highly committed to interdisciplinary work and promotes a collegial, supportive environment.

A majority of our faculty is undertaking vital research to offer solutions to the most pressing issues of our time. Faculty members share in their pursuits, working alongside undergraduate and graduate students to inform them of research best practices, create a hands-on learning experience, and draw from students’ wisdom and skills.