Departmental Advising / Advising For Your Major

Regular academic advising is an extremely important component of your undergraduate education. To help you succeed as a student and prepare for your future, we strongly encourage you to meet with an academic advisor at least once every semester. Advisors assist students in making informed choices about your course selection and discuss your progress toward completing requirements. Advisors can also answer questions you may have about your major, and can refer you to other University or College offices if you need additional assistance. There are faculty and staff advisers in your department and in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Advising Center.

If you have questions related to requirements for your major, or would like to talk with a faculty member in your department about internships, study abroad opportunities, tutoring or other issues, please contact the Undergraduate Office in your department:



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Exploratory Track
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Dominick Usher
Vanessa Blais 
Rhys Livingstone
Flannery Weiss        

128 Thompson
(413) 577-1057

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Boone Shear, Chief Undergraduate Advisor                          

207A Machmer
(413) 577-0906             

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Allison Butler, Chief Undergraduate Advisor​
Marianne Joyce
Saulo DePaula

N323 Integrative Learning Center
(413) 545-1311

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Valerie Voorheis, Chief Undergraduate Advisor   
Stephanie Brewer
Leah Dodson

Crotty Hall
412 North Pleasant Street
(413) 545-0954

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Abby Bliss (last names A-K)
Beth Wallace, Chief Undergraduate Advisor (last names L-Z)

S414 Integrative Learning Center
(413) 545-1122


Landscape Architecture
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Patricia McGirr, Chief Undergraduate Advisor
Jeremy Price

210 Design Building
551 North Pleasant Street
(413) 545-2255


Legal Studies
Political Science

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Barb Ciesluk
Adrian Grace, Chief Undergraduate Advisor
Amy Grieger

3rd Floor, Thompson Hall
(413) 545-2438


Resource Economics
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Alesia Brennan

208C Stockbridge Hall
(413) 545-2490


Social Thought and Political Economy
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Monica Garcia

301 Machmer
(413) 545-0043


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Katherine Fabel, Chief Undergraduate Advisor
Alyssa Cote

7th Floor, Thompson Hall
(413) 545-4075


Sustainable Community Development
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Flavia Montenegro-Menezes, Chief Undergraduate Advisor
Jeremy Price

Hills North
(413) 545-2255