Zube Lecture Series - Informal Armatures: Shaping the Self-Constructed City

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 4:00pm
170 Design Building

David Gouverneur, Associate Professor of Practice, PennDesign, will present as part of this fall's Ervin Zube Lecture Series sponsored by LARP.

About David Gouverneur

Gouverneur's professional practice focuses on urban plans and projects for historic districts, the rehabilitation of areas affected by extraordinary natural events, new centralities and mixed use districts, improvement of existing informal settlements and planning ahead for emergent informal occupation, tourism/recreational areas, and the rehabilitation of cultural landscapes. He has lectured extensively, written articles and organized seminars and workshops, particularly in Latin-America for over three decates, motivating academics, professionals, and notably the general public to engage collectively in important issues affecting the urban arena, particularly addressing social inequalities, and environmental problems, and cultural erosion.

His current area of research focuses on the notion of Informal Armatures, an alternative method to address the rampant urbanization in developing countries where a high percentage of hte population already lives, adn will live, in self-constructed areas. In light of the limited success of conventional planning, urban, design and housing policies, Informal Armatures may prove to be a powerful tool to foster the sustainable growth of informal settlements, as the dominant form of territorial occupation in the developing world. The goal is to allow them to perform a la par and surpass the vitality, economic drive and environmental qualities of formal urbanization. The ideas are condensed in his most recent publication, Planning and design for New Informal Settlements: Shaping the Self-constructed City.